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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to Ace Hardware

This time I need to buy an "L" connection, but I'm not sure if that will solve the problem I have with the leak. It is difficult to get the hose positioned correctly and tightened just right so that it doesn't drip (from the city water connection). My neighbor told me I might have to remove the fitting (or whatever it's called) that the hose attaches to, and tighten that part. Then I would have to re-caulk around the fitting when finished. I'm not sure if I can caulk it in freezing temperatures, so for now I will just try the L connector. I wonder if that connection was leaking long enough to cause the rotting floorboard from last summer. If so I could be in for more of the same problems, although hopefully I won't have to hit a flower pot to discover it!

I ought to take a propane tank in to be topped off as well. I had it filled about 4 days ago, but I could hear the furnace cycling on and off a lot last night. Maybe I will just wait until Tuesday, my next day off, since I know I have another full tank.

THIS IS NOT FUN, AND I'M NOT ENJOYING MYSELF AT ALL! The constant maintenance required and the constant flow of things going wrong and not working is wearing me down. While I can't say I like this kind of weather, I can deal with the cold and I know how to stay warm. The weather is just taking the blame for all the other problems I'm experiencing. I hope I snap out of this "down" feeling pretty soon.


  1. I wish we could help you. I sure understand. Lots of work to keep things from freezing up. Hang in there.

  2. When things like that happen I think about the pioneers and their wagon trains heading west. It doesn't help much but it takes my mind off my problems.