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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Frustration abounds!

I can't believe how many times I've been connected this morning and lost it! For the umpteenth time I have a fair connection now, so I thought I would write while I can. Something is going on in the ether, possibly the fact that Mercury is retrograde.

I can't seem to read emails, although I can see the list, but when I click to read one I get an error message. And to post a comment on someone's blog? Forget it. So all you folks who out there who know I read your blogs, I've been reading one at a time this morning before getting kicked off the internet, but can't get a comment in.

It was about 22 degrees when I got up at 8:00 am, and that is waaay too cold for me. I could hear the furnace kicking on and off during the night, as well as the sound of propane guzzling out of the tanks. The water seems to be flowing ok this morning but I'm thinking I should see about getting something at the hardware store today to wrap the hoses. But then I'll have to leave my nice warm rig - at least it's warm sitting right square in front of the electric heater - so I'll have to get up the energy to go anywhere today.

I hope you are all keeping warm and cozy. From the sound of it, the most pleasant weather in the country is on the Monterey Peninsula!


  1. Gee Gypsy, you are almost as cold as we are up here! Stay warm and keep your water hose safe---

  2. I can only imagine your frustration with the connection at the park, Gypsy. That would drive me up the wall. Stay warm and I hope the cyber thing improves for you. We're headed down the coast a bit in an hour or so to Pismo Beach - never been there, so we're looking forward to it.

  3. Sorry to hear about your internet connection. Very frustrating. It was colder there that here, amazing!! Keep warm.

  4. We ran out of propane at 3am. Both tanks were empty and it's 17 deg. Got propane and stayed warm the rest of the day. We're BOTH having trouble staying connected to the internet, you may be right it's Mercury!. I hope that clears up tomorrow when everyone is back to work and school.