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Monday, January 4, 2010

I think I'm in a deep freeze!

I have been so cold all day long, and that is with long underwear and layers of clothes. Something was wrong with the heating at the Fort - no matter what setting on the thermometer it stayed about 65 degrees. That's not warm enough when you aren't moving around a bit. To make matters worse I didn't even try to build a fire today since there are just too many ashes that need to be cleaned out, and I had no kindling (Thomas left an axe in the storeroom but I'm certainly not going to chop kindling!).

We are in the mid forties by day and mid twenties at night, so I worry about the water connections. It's just too cold to get out there and fiddle with it, plus it's dark now, so I will do what I did last night and that is to leave the kitchen sink at just a little more than a drip.

A tank of propane lasted me the whole month of December but I've already gone through one so far in January. I will have to get a refill tomorrow on my day off, and I think I will turn up the overnight setting to 60. To make everything worse, snow showers are expected on Thursday! Poor Lady - I'm always rushing her when I take her outside, and being a big furry animal she loves this weather. That's too bad, I tell her, as I have no fur coat.

So that is all I have to write about today, sorry. I'm cold, cold, cold!


  1. Can you run an efficient electric heater? I do and it really helps.

  2. Our night time temps drop into the low 20's. Only thing I do is disconnect the water hose from the rig because I have a quick release plastic fitting & that might break. Keep lots of water in your fresh water tank so it doesn't freexe. Kelly has absolutely no heat in the bedroom & I have 2 small electric heaters on low plus our Legacy Blue Flame heater & I'm as snug as a bug up front on my bed in the living room. I've also got 3 doggy heaters close by too. I hate being cold!!!!!

  3. The propane furnace is a power hog for both electric and propane.I stopped using mine last year when I bought a propane "Buddy Heater.I can get a hundred hours out of a 5 gal bottle."Mind you,your trailer is a lot bigger than mine.
    An electric heater is fine if your plugged in and not paying extra for the electricity.
    We are both on the same coast now,sort of...but I'm glad I'm further south than you with this cold snap.In fact Cuba is a little north east of me.

  4. It's no warmer in Texas! It was
    25* when I got up this morning and the water was frozen. I hate the cold too!!! Looks like I'll have to pack up and drive to get my propane filled in the motorhome pretty soon. That's a pain.