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Monday, January 11, 2010

Mmmmm, I smell bacon!

Every time I walk into the rig I am nearly knocked over with the smell of maple/bacon. Right now it is a pleasant smell, but I worry about when it gets rancid. Or worse yet, IF and when it ever warms up enough to melt whatever bacon grease is hiding in nooks and crannies and under cabinets. What sort of insects or rodents might be attracted to this scent? If I get an opportunity to sell the 5ver, must I make full disclosure? These questions and worries could keep me awake at night.

Business was very slow at the Fort today. Ranger Megan stopped by and I took her picture. She is in Union dress as she is giving the musket demonstrations today. She reminded me she couldn't get too close to the fire because of the cartridges she carries.

And here she is at the Parade Ground before the demonstration, and firing the musket.

Ah, now I have two days off to look forward to. As usual the first one will be spent doing chores--laundry, getting propane, etc. My 1st tank ran out this morning, and as I had both filled last Wednesday, the one lasted about 6 days which I consider good considering the very cold night-time temperatures. If we get the slight warming trend that is forecasted, I can cut back drastically on propane use, but I am just glad I have an easily accessible source for refills.

Depending on the weather on Wednesday, I may try to get a bit of sightseeing done. I really need to look for a replacement "L" connection for my city water connection. I have looked online for one but either there isn't any (not likely), I don't recognize it (a possibility), or it is not available online (??). I would welcome a suggestion for this item.


  1. Gypsy, those L shape water connectors are available at Walmart or any RV dealer. They come in brass and plastic - brass is better! Here's a link to a picture of what you want?


  2. Well, now I know what an L shape connector is & I think I'm a going to git me one:))

  3. That cold weather sure does cause one to run through the propane quickly doesn't it? Hopefully, it really will begin to warm up for you soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

  4. I wouldn't worry too much about the bacon unless your dog is the best trained dog in the world. If there was more bacon to be cleaned up she'd be trying to get at it. I had this happen to me with clam chowder a few months back and my kitties helped me find every last drop of it!

  5. Gypsy,
    how i love your post!!!!!
    would you undersand this--
    while talking to daughter,tried to pull pan of ribs out of oven yes one handed yes juice flew all over me and kitchen just let dogs find ALL
    just retired in dec so i am enjoying not being at a job
    great reads,so enjoy you