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Friday, January 15, 2010

This is a warming trend?

I guess it is but I am not warm yet. Tomorrow promises to be 63F, with the following week in the 60's by day and 40's and 50's by night. I'm happy with that, but I would love to be out without having to wear a coat and gloves. Some hardy Minnesotans who also volunteer at Ft. P. - Fred and Mary - were seen going into the visitors center this morning in just short sleeves - no jackets! I wonder when I'll be able to do that.

I have to give a thumbs up and recommendation for a commercial product, for RVers who have problems with the sensors in their waste tank. The website is: yourhappycampers.com Click on Order at the bottom of the page to get to the list of their products, for both RV and boat. I ordered the 18 oz holding tank treatment, and after only ONE use my sensors work perfectly. That hasn't happened since I've had this 5th wheel, with the possible exception of towing it over the gravel washboard road at Lassen Park last summer. I have also used this treatment per the instructions in the kitchen sink drains, but the black tank is where I found an incredible difference. The recommendation is to use 1 oz (powder) for every 30 gallons your tank holds. My black tank holds 38 gal. but since I try to empty it once a week, I just use the 1 oz scoop of product figuring I won't ever reach the 38 gal limit.

There wasn't much to photograph today, but I did get a picture of a warning sign posted:

Before each tour the folks are warned that the fort was built for war and not for safety, and to exercise caution. There are circular iron stairways, unlit, that lead up to the top, but no railings along the top of the fort where many of the cannons are located.

Not much is going on and I'm getting ready to just chill and enjoy Friday night, even though I have to work tomorrow. I'm just about halfway through my commitment here at the Fort.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up on that tank treatment stuff, Gypsy, I'll give it a look. Glad to see the weather it getting at least bearable!

  2. You really shouldn't be emptying your black tank weekly. It should only be emptied when it gets full. The reason for this is that the solids fall to the bottom and if you don't have enough liquid in the tank to flush them, they build up over time and you stand a good chance of the valve blocking. If you insist on emptying weekly you should fill the tank with water before doing so.

  3. Our tank sensors don't work often either. I'm going to check out that website, and I thank you very much for the information.

  4. Luvglass is right.I add much of my dishwater to the black tank to give it lots of liquid and a bit of soap.
    I hope the cleaner works for you.Keep us updated.