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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Not sunny and warm here!

It's raining and pretty chilly, if not downright cold. The rain is really coming down and I'm glad I got home before it got too bad. Lady had a very quick walk and I think even she was glad to get back to the warmth of home. And the heck with worrying about propane, this weather is tolerable if I am not shivering. I decided to live wild with the setting at about 62!

I took some photos at the visitors center before I went over to the Fort to work today. Thomas wasn't in so I filled in at the Sutler Store, but was dressed for working in the warm VC today. At noon I came home for lunch and put on my long underwear!

Ranger Matt (who is also Thomas' son):

Ranger Joanne is clowning around with her baseball cap turned sideways.

Ranger Patty came into the store to get warm by the fire:

Since Thomas is still sick I will be working again tomorrow. Today I was out of firewood at the store and since the heat hasn't yet been fixed, I was desperate. Megan helped me find some and carry it back, and then built the best fire I've ever seen! I could never have gotten the logs positioned so well, and with such a good start, it wasn't difficult to keep going all day. When I was leaving this afternoon I saw them bringing in a load of firewood, so I'll be good to go.

Today, Living History Saturday, features cannon demonstrations plus the musket firing. With about 5 Union soldiers firing muskets at the same time it is almost as loud as the cannon, but not quite. The cannon is deafening.


  1. I forgot to mention in my Blog that the cut in butter should stay at least as big as a pea, no smaller. That gives the croissants a flaky texture.
    Hope you get a good fire going tomorrow. 62 F is pretty cool :-(. Time will come and you won't need a fire, just keep the faith :-)

  2. 62??? Good Gracious! I couldn't deal with that low of a setting. Since I got the auxiliary tank for the motorhome, I've been enjoying a 69* setting. ;)