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Sunday, January 31, 2010

End of work week

I made it! The next two days are my own.

More photos - the first two are of Ranger Patty in the grey uniform (Confederate Sunday), and Lyman, a volunteer who also plays bagpipes and the penny whistle on Sundays.

The next is a photo of a large hand-crafted (in the USA) Napoleon cannon. I sold one two days ago, and at $200 that was a real accomplishment for me!

Finally, a photo of a plaque outside the Visitors Center. The facts stated therein come as a surprise to many people, who believe everything that is written in history books, exactly as it is written.

As always, click on a picture for more detail.

Thomas hopes to return to work on Tuesday, and I fervently hope he will be well enough to come back next week. I won't know what to do with myself only working 4 days a week again. I'm now past the 2/3 mark of my commitment here at Ft. Pulaski and I think February will fly by for me. I've loved working here and would like to return some day.


  1. I've seen those uniforms, very heavy. A great place for history. It won't be long now gypsy, you'll be on the road headed West.

  2. Nice pics Gypsy - I know you'll enjoy your days off.

  3. Yup, those thick wool jackets must have been awful to wear in the summer months too! Enjoy your two days off, what you gonna do?

  4. The weather you are experiencing is better than the cold in Chicago. I'll be happy to return to Texas on Tuesday.

    Great history at your present gig.

  5. I hope you enjoy your days off...go out and do something fun! Don't forget to take photos for us, too!

  6. Hello Gypsy, you have come a long way! Enjoy every day as if it is a day off. All the Best. M&C