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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Living History Saturday

Saturdays are "Living History" days at the Fort (and Sundays are "Confederate Sundays"). There were several guided tours, 3 musket demonstrations and 3 cannon firings today. Here are the Union soldiers marching toward the cannon:

This picture could use some creative editing to lighten it a bit, but I've never done it before and it would probably take me all night to accomplish it, if I even could do it at all. The picture is a little more clear when you click to enlarge it, but then you can see how out-of-step they are. DamnYankees can't march in step :~)))

And this was taken after the firing:

It has been very cold today and I was glad I wore my capilene long underwear. I keep the door to the Sutler store open all day - folks walking by will hesitate, look in, and then enter. I'm sure many would go right on by if they had to make the decision to open the door. The check-out counter with the register is just inside the door and in the path of the strong breeze that always blows, so it is really unavoidable for the person working. I finally got the fire going but that is in the back of the room and doesn't reach to where I was standing most of the day.

The forecast is for a cool week, in the mid forties with freezing temps at night, so I have zipped my jacket into the parka for extra warmth and wind protection. I wear a cap when I take the dog out in the morning - a tuque for you northern readers - but I hate to wear it to work because then I will have a "hat-head" with hair smashed down! Even at my age vanity takes over sometimes.

I am so looking forward to being off tomorrow. I really don't mind working and would gladly go in if they needed me for some reason, but I realized when I was driving home that I could really use a few lazy days - a couple to just stay inside and relax, and maybe one to go sightseeing. The touristy thing will have to wait until the weather gets better. I wouldn't even mind going out in the rain if it was a warm rain.


  1. Gypsy, I don't have the slightest idea yet how to photo-shop or edit my pics. I may try and find out someday...but probably not. Sometimes you just get what you get!

    Hope the cold weather subsides soon and you can begin to enjoy some warm southern climate again.

  2. Ohhhhhhh, hat-head!! Geeeezzzz, I hate when that happens too!! Yes really:))

  3. I've never worn a hat for fear of getting "hat-head". Strikes fear in my soul! Glad to see you're being smart and wearing long underwear too! Maybe you should just work with the toque on all day!

  4. Gypsy, When I opened the VIS at Anahuac NWR yesterday morning, the temp inside the temporary shed was 35*. The shed has an air conditioner, but the only heat is a small electric heater that can only be turned on after you get there. The air conditioner runs all night to keep the moisture out of the books we sell. BRRRR! I could have used some long underwear!

  5. Gypsy You need to use picassa. It is so easy to lighten up pictures. It has other things to use also. I use it all the time. If you have it on your computer it will download the pictures from you camera or card. It is the easiest to use. Check it out It is free from Google.