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Friday, November 1, 2013

It's always something

I have recovered from the walk yesterday, especially after taking an Advil this morning and one this afternoon.  I'm going to the gym with Jeannie and Donald, but I will go easy on myself.  

I had thought the matter was settled as far as I'm concerned, but I got a call from the dept of anesthesia at UCD Med Center today.  I still haven't cancelled the procedure scheduled for Nov. 12, but was waiting to see how I felt for the next couple of days and then cancel it Monday.  Now I'm unsure.

That will be 2 days before my birthday and I hate to feel like crap on my birthday.  Last year I was recovering from pneumonia, and I thought I've had a relatively good year since then.  

What if they get in there and find the gallstones are all gone.  Surely they have a place to go because I've had gallbladder problems for years off and on, and I'd be full up by now otherwise.  Another big worry is that they won't find any gallstones so they will go looking around and find something else.  I don't want to know about anything else, to tell the truth.  What a dilemma and a worry just about the time when I've accepted getting older and having to change certain things in my life, but if I can't live life on my own terms, then I'm not sure I want to live it at all.  I'm talking about being bedridden here, not minor issues.

So much for that - gotta get ready to go to the gym where I can work out my frustrations.  I will just have to go with the flow.

My pedometer finally arrived in the mail, and like everything else they are more complicated and harder to figure out.  I've used them in the past and they just count your steps.  A little math problem dealing with the length of your stride, and remembering the number of feet in a mile.  How could anything be easier?  Now I will have to set the mode.  Can I just set it on "walk" - what else could I use a pedometer for?  I belong back in the 20th century!  (I guess I'm just totally frustrated right now.  Some physical activity is just what I need.) 


  1. I recently got my pedometer out and started using it. It can be set for steps or calories. On the inside cover of mine it shows this:

    1 mile = 2,000 to 2,500 steps (depending on the length of your stride)

    10,000 steps = 4 to 5 miles

    One normal city block is about 200 steps

    Most people walk about 1,200 steps in 10 minutes

    2,000 steps burns 100 calories

    I remember hearing we should be walking 10,000 steps per day, but I'm lucky if I get 5,000. You probably walk much more than I do.

    I also have a problem keeping it on my waistband, and just read about a woman putting hers between her bra cups. That's what I'm doing now, and it's perfect. Doesn't come off, I forget it's there. I wear mine all day. :)

    BTW, I used to always schedule my annual mammogram or dental appointment on my birthday. I figured that was my present to myself - keeping healthy is important, and the best thing I could do for my well-being. Think of it that way. If they find something, well, better than not finding it. Trust me, if we have something going on, they will find it sooner or later, and I'd rather it's sooner. Saved my life twice with that.

  2. I have been healthy, thank God but lack in dental care. I have not had insurance for years for health and dental. It all gets put on the back burner. Are you in pain or has it subsided. Well you are taking care of business and yourself by walking and working out. I need to get on the move on.. I procrastinate far too often. If I lived where I could ride my bike, I'd be on it. We are wanting to relocate and I want to be someplace that has a bike trail. I would love it...Take care!

  3. Working out your frustrations is much better for you than my way. I eat. Good luck with the pedometer.

  4. it dont necessarily have to be the gallstones...I had an attack and they decided they werent going to do emergency surgery to remove it then went and looked over my chart and came back that they found out id had problems for years off and on and decided to get it out asap....said it was turning grey and that is what was making me so sick ...i was told it was going bad fast and could have set up gangreen in there...best to get it out and once your over that which really isnt bad with laser surgery ..its back to life like you want to live it...not waiting on the next attack... have fun and be safe. :)

  5. I hear they don't look for other things they go in to do what they set out to and that's all. If you don't sign up for exploratory they won't and can't do that. But I won't tell you to not have the surgery needed or to do it that is your choice to make.
    Enjoy your work out.

  6. My experience with a pedometer is that it doesn't work unless it is on my hip so it can count my steps. I don'tknow how it would work on someone's bra. I also don't get 100 calories burned for every mile even if I run and certainly not if I walk. But then you don't care about calories, lucky you. Get Donald to set it up. What's the point of so much work raising children if they can't help you out! :-)