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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I've spent the day resting after being awake off and on all night.  Joe came by to visit me this morning, and Jeannie stopped by on her way to work.  Mike called from New York.

Mike is flying to California tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to celebrating my birthday with all my children.  I had said I wanted to go to Straw Hat Pizza for pizza and beer, but right now neither pizza nor beer sounds very good to me.  I haven't eaten anything but a banana this morning, and will have some of the soup Donald made for my dinner.  I just have no appetite today but I sure am thirsty for water.

I haven't been on the computer much today and will try to catch up on blogs in a few days.  I am not concentrating very well right now.

I have had a lot of discomfort and think maybe they probed a little more than usual, leaving me with a very sore stomach.  I have been hoarding a couple of oxycodone tablets and broke down and took one this afternoon.  It really took the edge off my discomfort.

The sun is shining brightly on the dust in my living room.  It doesn't bother me enough to do anything about it right now.  I've had the front door open most of the day and it sure has taken the chill off the house.


  1. yay! it's over .... glad you're home and you don't need no stinkin beer and pizza!!!

    get a milkshake ~ something soothing for your poor little throat!

    glad you checked in ... thought about you yesterday ...

  2. Don't hoard those pills too much. I'm sure they will give you a couple more if you really need them. I don't think people should have to suffer in pain. Hopefully by tomorrow you'll start feeling a wee bit better.

  3. Good to hear from you. Sometimes surgery causes gas pockets to cause discomfort. Glad you had some pain meds. Drink as much water as you need. I think Carolyn is right maybe a nice milk shake and the soup your son made for you.

  4. So sorry this is causing you continued discomfort. Sure hope it eases up and goes away very soon. I too would call the doctor and tell him how uncomfortable you are and ask for pain relief. Thanks for updating us.

  5. How nice it will be to have your children for a visit... I am sure you will enjoy your time with them..

  6. Hope you feel close to 100% in time for the big celebration!

  7. Take a big breathe and blow it out on the dust. Then sit back and watch it fly. :)

  8. I sure hope you start feeling better real soon. You have to be up for your birthday party!!!