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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A few corrections

I don't know where my mind was yesterday, but fortunately my daughter let me know that Joe's graduation is on Dec. 20th, and not Nov. 20th.  I would have been sitting at the college this evening wondering where everyone was!  (I had even set out the clothes that I planned to wear to the ceremony.)

As I was opening jewel cases and checking out the CD's, I realized there were 5 cases rather than the 4 I originally counted, and each case has two CD's inside.  That's a lot of music folks!  Fortunately it's all pre-Beatles, as I am probably one of the few people in the world who will admit that I can't stand the Beatles.  But as I said, some of it is just tacky music that has long outlived its cuteness, but a lot of it is really fun music.

Well, there are new developments  on the dog front.  After being told I wouldn't be able to adopt because I don't have a fenced yard I got an email last night from my contact in the Lab Rescue organization saying that the foster will let me see the dog and we can work it out.  Then I got a call from the foster to give me directions to the kennel which is somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the Central Valley of CA.  I'm meeting her tomorrow morning at 10:00 (if I can find it) and I will get to see the big boy!  We discussed fenced yards and she couldn't understand what I would do when the dog had to pee.  I explained that I'll do what I've always done with my dogs and take them out on a leash.  It sure would be nice to be able to just open the door and shoo them out into the yard though.

There is a little grassy area across the street from me, by the laundry building.  I never took Lady there because most of the dogs who visit it are tiny little dogs who love to growl and act ferocious.  Lady just gave them a look that said "What's your problem?" but it got on my nerves so I always took her out on the walking trail.   Maybe the little dogs won't have as much animosity against a lab?  Who knows, but I'll just take him wherever necessary.

I did some research on dog parks in my part of town and the comments are interesting, although contradictory.  "The park is nice but there are kids hanging out in the parking lot dealing drugs".  "The park is nice but the dog owners are a real clique and don't want a newbie coming in."  "The park is nice but god help you if you have a dog that is right in the middle of small and large, because the dog owners in either one will tell you that you don't belong there and can't bring your dog in."  I suppose I will just wait and see if I really get a dog, and then check out the area parks.

I'm still unsure if I should be doing this - life is much simpler without a pet.  But I am alone so much of the time and enjoy the company of a lazy, snoozing dog, especially in the evenings.  Costco carries a beautiful memory foam top doggie bed now, and for an 8 yr old large breed I'm sure he will appreciate it.  I just wish I had found one for both Smoky and Lady.  But I'm probably getting ahead of myself as I haven't even seen the dog yet nor has he had a chance to see me.  And I definitely want the foster to assess his behavioral traits.  The foster did tell me he has separation anxiety and hates the kennel.  It might be problematic with my spending an hour or so at the gym, but I can work it out.

I know several readers have commented on their own laparascopic gallbladder surgery.  Were you young, middle aged, or senior when you had it?  How soon were you able to do much walking - as in walking a pet?  Leaning over to fill doggie dishes, etc.?  I didn't think I would ever have to go through this so I didn't keep the comments in my memory bank - at least where I can pull them out quickly!  I love the comment made by Sherry who said she couldn't remember why she walked into a room, but can remember the words to songs from 50 years ago!  I sure can relate to that.


  1. Good Luck on your visit tomorrow with the Lab,you'll know the minute he see's you and smells you,like I said he may choose instead of you.I remember when my son Andy brought that little 8 week old Rigg's home. I was napping and he put Rigg's on my chest and I was woke up by puppy lick's,knew then Rigg's had made his choice. He still is a Daddy's boy and lays at my feet and follows me everywhere. Can't wait to hear from you on how it went.
    Sam & Donna....

  2. We do not have a fenced yard and sure did while on the road full time. I fail to see why a fence should be a requirement:)

  3. I was 56 when I had mine out. I worked in an office and was off work 5 days. Walking any distance might be 2 wks. Bending over will be dependent on your pain tolerance. The worst hole they make is near your belly button and that one is the most tender.

  4. I was around 50 ...was off work 2 weeks...but felt good...I worked in a hospital (hard work) so doc said 2 weeks...
    hope this helps

  5. Well if it is 10 CDs of pre Beatles tunes and includes Motown then you'd better send me the name and company so I can order it! Hope a new dog won't keep you from your travels.

  6. I don't have a fenced yard either and Fred is a rescue. The idea of having him besides his company is for us to get some exercise. Fred won't go out without a leash unless he is pasted to my leg, his choice. lol


  7. Just a note to say that I had my gallbladder out at 66 and the Doc wanted me up and walking ASAP .... I don't recall about bending over to pick something up ,etc ... But I sure felt better after the surgery and seemed like each day I gained strength and movement ..... About nine days post surgery, I went to the 4th of July parade and a picnic !!! The best of luck to you !!


  8. Oh by the way, I hope all goes well with the lab visit tomorrow ..... One thing for sure, the meeting usually says a lot in the body language of the dog and the visitor.... It is a special moment, that face to face..... Hope it works out if you feel good about it ....

  9. I had that laparascopic gall bladder surgery. about 12 years ago, just before I retired. Don't remember it being too difficult at all, but I took off all the time I could, I think it was 4 weeks, because, I had earned it and was going to loose that time when I retired, not get paid for it!!!

  10. Are there signs listing the size of the dogs that may come in? If not then I don't see why you could not take your dog there. Are the dog parks on private property or are they in a public park? Remember, public parks are paid for by the taxpayer - eg: you and me! Don't let anyone intimidate you into not enjoying what our taxes pay for. My dog, Rocky (a big old goofy lab) loves to play fetch and enjoys running free in the dog park. Hope this helps.
    Betty from Sacramento