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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Another beautiful day

It's a good thing I ventured outdoors today because the inside of my house is like a fridge, whereas it is really nice out in the sun.

I started the day by doing two loads of laundry and was going to just say the heck with it and dry it all in the dryer, but decided to hang everything on the line.  I can't pass up the free sun dryer!

I felt too good to stay indoors so I walked about a mile at the Mather Field Sports Complex.  This time I walked a 15 minute mile and should have continued, but it was lunch time and I was hungry.  The bottoms of my heels hurt when I walk much, and I don't know if there is anything that can be done for that - maybe an especially cushy pair of shoes?  I just bought Superfeet insoles for my shoes and they are a little better, but still not without some pain.

I tried a couple of the sports bars last night after leaving the gym - one was so hard I couldn't even take a bite off it.  I don't know the thinking behind making something so brittle, and the other side of the coin is the fact that so many sports bars are extremely chewy, and certainly not good for teeth.  I tried another brand of sports bar, apple-cinnamon flavored, but it was a bit chewier than I like.  I'm not going to waste any more money on them and will just come home after exercising and try to eat something high in protein.  An egg sandwich always fits the bill.

I reach Nirvana when I start reading either of the two books I bought at REI yesterday.  Both books describe hikes and backpacking trips in the Trinity Alps and Trinity Wilderness.  I ordered two maps from the NFS which I believe will be shipped from their map department in Missouri.  

I think November would be late for an overnight trip, but fine for day hikes in the lower elevations.  Hopefully I can pick a decent couple of days in December, stay at an area motel, and do several short hikes.  I need to get used to walking with a pack, even if only a lightweight one, so that I can eventually carry a tent and the items I'd need for an overnight.  I'd like to get a new backpacking tent - I love my old one but the sides are a little saggy, giving me less space.  To think I shared that tent with a 65# black lab as well as both of our packs, and there was plenty of room.  I guess, like I am, the tent is plumb wore out!

I am almost resigned to having the ERCP procedure which is scheduled for next Tuesday.  I got my Advanced Directive properly signed and witnessed, and now I need to clean my house.  I would absolutely die if something happened to me and anyone saw all the dust and disorder!  I don't care much for the surgeon and wish I had asked for a different one when they were scheduling this back in June.

I'm hungry for dinner already and it's only 4:00.  I guess my appetite is still on daylight savings time!


  1. Had to laugh , when I read you tried some sports bars, I was thinking of the ones with about 6 TV"s and pool tables where you can get a cold beer.Never thought of the edible variety. Oh well I am an old guy. Buy the way should get plenty of prtein in a couple of High Life Lights, Trust me. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  2. When it gets cold I get hungry..I thought the same at first about sports bars..lol! We got a laugh.. My oldest son hiked the pacific crest trail one year from the CA/ Mexico border and his destination was Canada but because of a blizzard he didn't make it. Do you like to read? There are some good books about hikers. We are soon off to a wedding so will be offline for a few days. When I get back I am going to get with it and incorporate walking. We have a waterfall not far from us and the road up to it is all up hill.. I did lose ten pounds this summer so I should not beat myself up..Will work on another ten..Take care!

  3. Haha, when I read over the blog after it was published I caught the sports bar thing. I should have said sports nutrition bar. As Sam says, Miller HiLie has protein so maybe I'd do better going to a sports bar after working out!

  4. I was with you in the sport bars with all the TVs and beer then you talked about how hard it was. Took me a minute to make that transition. Add some cheese to that egg sandwich and you really have got the protein going on.

  5. You sure are getting fit for the hiking trails.

    After the foot problem I had my other foot started to hurt on the heal I know it was from over using it. So added a cushion heal pad in my tennis shoe it sure did the help along with the Blue Emu Oil rubbed in really good 3 times a day.

  6. I think we all joined you at the sports bar for a Miller at the start. Oh, well. If you are looking at tents, check out the tents at http://lightheartgear.com/ as well as the other single wall silnylon tents. I have a 6 moons design tent that they don't make anymore that is single wall. If I was using tents (I use a camping hammock setup) I would use those as they save on weight by using your hiking poles for the tent poles.

  7. Be sure to check Craigslist for camping equipment that others are no longer using and wish to clear out.

  8. I love clothes hung on a line and really miss that on the road. I don't mind the laundromat as much as I mind not being able to hang out a whole load of clothing in the sunshine.

  9. Exactly... I thought the same thing... sports bar... here you are off to drink with the boys watching football! I thought, well? why the hell not! put on your red britches and go for it..


    jeeeeez you're adding to my already feeling bad about being so lazy ... sigh ...

  10. I just couldn't picture you in a sports bar, but then got it.
    You might pack snack bags with your favorite trail mix with protein in it.