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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend in Livermore, CA

I left with Mike, and Steve and his family on Friday morning for Livermore, CA.  Jeannie and Joe, along with their respective families, would come along later.

The next two pictures are of my 5 brothers, who are:  Steve(4); Rob (the new Deacon who is #5 brother); Fred(2); Phil(3); and Bill(1).  The numbers in parentheses represent their order of birth, after me of course.  I call these pictures ---

Then we added the 3 girls, Amy, Julie and me:

We have not all been together at the same time and place since my dad's funeral in November of 1978, 35 years ago!

Friday afternoon and evening were spent just relaxing and talking, with the ordination following on Saturday.  It was a really beautiful event, and I was so glad to be there.  Rob and his wife, Maria, hosted dinner that evening; the wine flowed and the dinner was great!.

My kids and I were staying in suites at the Marriott Residence Inn, and here are some random shots of us relaxing before checking out this morning.  Mike was supposed to leave in early afternoon with a change of planes in Chicago.  I guess anyone watching football today could see that there were heavy rains in Chicago, and air traffic was completely snarled and delayed.  I haven't heard yet if he was able to get another routing back home to NY.

I rode back to Sacramento with Joe, Sarah and their kids.  I'm so sorry that we all had to part, but I am truthfully not feeling well at all.  I think after reading the report of my ERCP I realize why I am still sore, but I have nothing to take for the pain and discomfort with medical offices being closed on weekends.  I'm not bad off enough to go to the ER.

I have eaten so little this weekend and I can see from the photos I've dropped weight.  The second ERCP is scheduled for Jan. 14, and I have an appointment with the Gallbladder doctor on this coming Friday.  I just wish they would go ahead and schedule that operation very soon and get it over with.  I'm hoping I can enjoy the holidays, although Thanksgiving may be a bust.


  1. Hope you can get an operation scheduled and get rid of your troubles once an for all. The longer you wait the sicker you will be and the more money the doctors will make.

  2. Wonderful family photos Gypsy!!!!

    Feel better soon.

  3. What a wonderful thing that all your siblings are still alive and that after 35 years you could all be together again. What a tribute to Rob that everyone came. I'm so sorry to hear you were not feeling tip top for this great occasion. You sure wer before that ERCP. Get after those doctors today to make you feel better; they made you feel worse.

  4. What a great get together. Nice looking family.

    I think you did far to much to soon and that is causing your body stress. Hope the Drs. give you something to feel better soon.

  5. I just can't imagine having seven siblings. Wow!