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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Photos from the past

I got a roll of film developed today at Costco and asked for the disc to be included.  Judie Ashford was right in that I should ignore the software on the disc and just look for the Pictures folder.  I've never been able to open up one of those discs on my Mac, but I was able to do it this time.

I think these were taken at a little city park in Kalispell, Montana when I was there a year ago trying to get into Glacier NP in June with Carolyn.  (Carolyn, let me know if these are not from that park!)  Please click to enlarge.

Taken at Glacier National Park:

And of course, one of my all-time favorites, T. Roosevelt N.P.:

This was somewhere in the midwest - notice how comparatively flat it is.  It could have been at the bug-ridden park in Michigan.  I probably jumped into the tent after I took this photo and didn't come out again until packing up to leave the next morning!

Here are several photos I took on my walk last week, through old Sutter's Fort and in McKinley Park:

And finally, the kids came by on Halloween, and the last two pics were taken at Mather Field Sports Complex.  One is at the gate of the soccer complex - a field on either side of the gate; the other is looking in the direction of the huge skateboard ramps and I had hoped to catch a skater reaching the top of the ramp, but I don't think I did.

The roll had 36 pictures on it and spanned quite some time, so I'm sure the quality isn't what it might have been if I had used it right away.  From now on I am going to try to only buy 12 exposure rolls, but it's difficult enough to find film these days.  I have a roll of black & white to be developed but Costco can't do it because the film doesn't have "C-41" printed anywhere on it.  Whatever that means. 

I should have left Costco with the pictures but I decided to take a quick walk through the store - I came out with a cart full of snack items!  Never shop for food when you are hungry.  Did someone tell me that?

I'm going to the gym tonight and probably wouldn't have much trouble talking Jeannie into going to a sports bar afterwards, but she will probably have the girls with her.  Donald jacked up his knee - the one with recent surgery.  He goes for an MRI, I think tomorrow.  I jokingly said to him that we would have to coordinate our surgeries so that Jeannie can get us there and back!  I didn't realize then that he might actually have to have another operation, but I sure hope not.

And I hope my medical stuff doesn't keep me out of the gym for long.  I can see real progress.  You ladies "of a certain age" know how if you hold an arm up in the air it gets all saggy and wrinkly?  Well now mine don't do that - maybe just a teensy bit, but it won't be for long.  I just love to look in the mirror and flex my arm muscles (sort of like a teen-aged boy who has just begun to lift weights).  What's the old saying, "Pride goeth before the fall".  I'd better try to not be beaming with pride, but I've worked hard for it and will continue. 


  1. I think your pictures on that roll are great. They are crisp and clear and what a variety. OK I want to know exactly what you are doing to get that under arm flab to disappear. I lifted weights and did machines for several years and it never had any effect on it. I need to do what you are doing. You are going to be some babe if you keep this up!

  2. Just love the pictures. Must be fun for you to look at them and remember what fun you had. Your granddaughters are getting so big.
    Hope your sons knee will be OK not fun there for sure.

    Good to hear your so pleased with your work outs. Keep on going.

  3. yes... that's that little park in Kalispell ... awwww such a sweet place!

    and oh for pete's sake! you mean you don't have hang down skin... well? you don't have much stuff on you to hang down ...

    do you plug in your camera directly to your Mac? doesn't it have a thingajig to connect it? I'm lost. ohhhhhhhh it's not digital? your camera.... ah ... oh, then you scan.. I see. or do I ...

    Good for you and your continuing your work outs... I really really really need to do that. right

  4. Thanks for posting the pictures. Waiting to see more. . .

  5. C 41 is the color process... If it is B & W it takes much different chemistry.. Go to a real camera store and they will probably be able to send it off somewhere..