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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Another setback

It's getting to be almost comical - the hassle of just trying to see an adoptable dog.  I was all set to go this morning but received a call from the rescue rep saying it had rained non-stop there for two days straight.  I can believe it as we had some pretty heavy rains here, and it was much worse all around us.  Evidently the kennel is on a concrete pad but there are fields all around it which are soggy and muddy.  So the result is that we will be in touch before Sunday and if things dry up a bit I can arrange to go then.  I'm glad they want me to see the dog outside the kennel itself.  This is an unusual situation to begin with because this rescue organization has a very strict procedure they follow for an adoption and even for viewing a prospective pet.  The only variance from their rules is when they take some of the dogs to the Petsmart or other pet store in the various areas, usually twice a month, and then you can submit your application (and $) and adopt at that time.

I could be really upset at all the delays but I actually welcome them.  I will see the surgeon tomorrow and hope the date will be set for my gallbladder to be removed - I can sort of judge approximately when I can handle a new dog.  It may be that I can't get the dog at all, and I'll be okay with that too.

In the meantime I am trying to get myself in the best possible shape, visiting the gym at least 3x a week.  I'm working at using heavier weights as well, and hope it will make the surgery easier if I'm physically fit to begin with.

I think I'll go to Costco this morning and take an inventory of the doggie supplies I can get there as well as an estimate of cost.  The memory foam top dog bed is going to be a "must" I've decided.  I may even get two, one for the living room and one for the bedroom, since the laminate floors are difficult for old bones to get comfortable on.  I'll have to see if this lab just takes it for granted he will sleep in my bed - my lab, Smoky, slept with me from the beginning.  I could never get the black dog hair out of the comforter and swore I'd never do that with another dog.  Fortunately, Lady didn't even try.

The sun is bright this morning but the forecast is for 61 today, with strong winds.  I can deal with anything except the wind.  Was going to walk a couple of miles at Mather, but may just do the treadmill at the gym.  I've never used one of those except for a couple of times having a stress test.

Thanks to those of you who have commented on your experience with gallbladder surgery.  I hope my recupertion goes well, but I'll just have to wait and see.

Also, several months back a reader recommended the book "The Great Cholesterol Myth".  I immediately put my name on the list for it at the library, and just received it earlier this week.  How interesting - I've already read nearly half of it.  Anyone with "high" cholesterol whose doctor wants to or has put them on statin drugs should read this book.

Just got back from Costco where I bought a parabolic heater.  I haven't as yet been able to get the pilot lit on my furnace, and it's pretty chilly in my house.  I use a small space heater but I have always been impressed when I walk past the Presto Heat Dish Parabolic Electric Heater they usually have on display at Costco.

It's time for my lunch and then I'll try out the heater.


  1. I personally, don't take statin drugs and believe they do more harm than good. Actually, I believe a lot of prescription drugs are hazardous to one's health.

  2. A statin drug was the cause of some major medical trouble for me. I will not even look at one now. For me the magic item to start using was soy products. They do not help everyone but sure helped me.

  3. Your working out may really be a benefit to your healing and well being. I was talking to someone today who has had RA since childhood and for the first time in 18 yrs. it is dormant. She has been working out and doing lots of exercises including running and roller skating with her child. Dr. told her to keep it up.
    Of course she is still young so I don't expect your or I to roller skater or run. LOL

  4. I'm looking at cat and kitten pictures at the cat adoption places around here. We may both end up with new family members this weekend.

  5. Mother was told to eat jelly beans before surgery ... might wanna google... couldn't hurt

    good for you and your continuing exercising... !

  6. Once upon a time, right after we installed our new boiler and I didn't quite realise that it wasn't pumping hot water up to our daughter's bedroom (my fault, really) we bought one of those parabolic heaters for her.
    Darned thing was noisy! She said in the quiet of the night, whenever it would come on, it made this high pitched sound that was really annoying.
    Hope you have have better luck.