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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The pedometer is still a mystery to me.  Evidently I have to open the little case and set the time - what do I wear a watch for, or carry a cell phone for that matter.  Do I need 3 timekeeping devices?  Never could set the time, so I just attached the meter to my waistband and drove over to Mather Field for a walk of about 40 minutes, probably 2 miles.  The display was still showing zero, so I give up on it!  Even if I could get it working properly I wouldn't be able to decipher the read-out - digital just doesn't appear in my field of vision very well.  

I went with Jeannie & Donald last night and had a fairly good work out.  At least I had some sore muscles this morning, but I walked them out!

Back in the spring I obtained an "Advanced Care" packet and finally filled it out, but have never signed it because most of the people I know to ask as witnesses to my signature are ineligible because of being family.  I think I need to move on finding a couple of witnesses so there won't be any questions if I should decide to go under the knife!

I'm re-thinking whether or not to get TV service and to combine it with internet, mostly because I want an internet connection with no bandwidth limits.  I just studied the current offers for AT&T U-Verse, and I could get a package containing the few TV stations I like, but I'm not sure about which internet plan to bundle with it.  I would normally just go with the cheapest one which is for email and surfing the web.  Since I have the old style TV I'm not sure if I should get the newer kind, although  I don't care for the vertically stretched out screen, and don't give two hoots if I see anything in HD or plain old vanilla.  The only disadvantage to using my old TV that I can see is that I can't fast forward through commercials, although I got pretty good at hitting the Mute button.  Trouble is I would forget to turn the sound back on.  I really only miss watching a few shows.  AT&T wants a 1-year contract, and I'm still against signing anything for a year.

The afternoon sun is coming through the front sliding doors, its rays seem to find every dust mote in my living room and hallway.  There are plenty to find even though I dust mop just about every day.

It's that time again when we mess around with changing the clocks.  I think enough people are sick and tired of it, and any monetary savings are questionable, so I think we should bombard our representatives and senators with demands that they do away with this dumb idea.  Or were they the ones who gave it to us in the first place - maybe we need to bombard some other institution.  I always feel like if it doesn't work then Congress had something to do with it.  I won't have any problem sleeping an hour later in the morning, although having said that I'll probably be wide awake at 6:00 am!

I am grateful to be in a better mood today than I was yesterday.  As much as I hurt all over I am sure the physical workout is doing me some good. 


  1. The changing of the clocks has never bothered me. I just need to remember to do it. ;)

  2. We never did set the clock on ours and it took me longer to get mine to work than it did Jim. I finally had to attach it to my pants pocket. We don't change clocks here in AZ so I just have to remember that we are now in the same time zone as Montana.

  3. I can't help with the TV problem but I can sure be hoppin' mad with you over this stupid useless time change and having to go around and change all the clocks. I just HATE it and congress did do it. Why don't they UNDO it is what I don't understand. Just pick one. I don't even care which one.