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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Will it ever be over?

I called Jeannie at about 12:30 am on Wednesday morning and asked her to drive me to the ER.  They wanted to do surgery ASAP but couldn't once they learned I had been taking plavix (blood thinner).  Evidently it is the worst of all the thinners for its danger in surgery - something to do with causing heart failure or similar.  I would need to be off it for 5-7 days prior to surgery.

The intent was to keep me in the hospital until the time of surgery, which would really have been a bummer considering the length of time.  This morning one of the doctors told me they couldn't keep me there as insurance wouldn't pay for my extended stay since my vital signs and blood work were excellent.  So I got out in time to go to Jeannie's for Thanksgiving dinner, but was really tired and didn't stay for long after dinner.  Joe and his girls ended up making the two pumpkin pies for me.  Mmmmmn good".

So the plan is to get the surgery as soon as a slot is available, return for the ERCP in January, and then start making my hiking and camping plans!  I will surely need a few good breaks by then, especially since my Thanksgiving and Christmas are both affected by the health issues this year.

One bright spot in this ordeal was that all the staff I came in contact with were the very best!  Efficient, friendly,  helpful, etc., from the intake section, to housekeeping, to the nursing staff, to the doctors.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving this year!  


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope all this happens soon so you can carry on with your plans. Wishing the best for you!

  2. Oh darn. Does that mean you can have it a week from now?? Sure hope so. Glad you were able to have a good Thanksgiving anyway.

  3. It is amazing that you found a place where everyone was efficient, friendly, and helpful. Glad you did, that makes things easier.

  4. I am so praying that there is a surgery open next week for you. It would be so wonderful to get this over and done with.

  5. I would find all that indecision very stressful. When one is waiting to have something done one wants to get at it & get it over with & out the way. Seems to me like somebody dropped the ball when they had not already screened you for Plavix etc. Worrisome stuff at times.

  6. I really glad the people there are so nice, that will help make the ordeal so much better when you are there for the surgery. I hope it can be soon, before January. It would be nice for you to get this over and done with. And back on your feet. Good for you - thinking ahead to your next travels!

    I'm glad you made it to the family Thanksgiving dinner. :)

  7. Getting it right in the medical world can be challenging, to say the least. We'll be rooting for you!