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Saturday, November 9, 2013

My trip in retrospect

I was going to do a whole long post recapping my recent cross country trip, but most of you followed it anyway.  Of course I loved visiting with all the people - family, old friends, and new friends.  But I will narrow this down to places.

In looking back I realize I can't put anything in order of preference.  I loved so many places and aspects of the trip, but three stand out in my mind.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Unit.  For some reason I just fell in love with this place and if I ever get back there I will stay for a while.  Being able to get so close to so many buffalo made such an impression on me.  What incredible animals they are!

Tamarac Wildlife Refuge.  I have never been to a wildlife refuge, so Tamarac was my first visit and turned out to be really special.  It was the visit to Tamarac when Judy Bell and I went to Itasca State Park (Minnesota) and I put my feet into the headwaters of the Mississippi.  It was at Tamarac that I saw both an eagle's nest and an osprey's nest, and learned how to tell the difference.

Philadelphia, PA.  I loved this city, which makes it pretty  special to me since I don't normally like large cities (New York City is an exception - I love NYC! and always have).  But while Philly is a large city it has a small town, home town feel to it - extremely friendly and welcoming.  I am so glad I decided to spend a couple of days there.

So these are the three surprises.  I have spent much time in the southern Appalachians and knew I would appreciate going back to the Shenandoah, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Smoky Mountains, and they didn't let me down.  But I wanted to recognize the new-to-me places that made my heart soar.  


  1. I do not like any city. Just give me the good ole country. Of course, I guess some cities are better than others. I have been to a lot of the larger cities, but never to New York City.

  2. I like small places the best. Old cities are the best if they still have some of the original buildings. Hope to see plenty of those come spring and summer.

  3. Before I die... I want to go to NYC and see a Broadway Musical ... AND downtown Seattle... both places need hotel rooms and walking around...

    so me and old Homer just said hey and want to go back by plane and do nothing but City.

    Those two places... yep

  4. I like your 3 choices, all very different. I've been to two of them and would definitely return. Would love to have had a Judy Tamarac tour. Lucky you.

  5. Nice to read that Tamarac NWR was one of your surprises. Keep us in mind for next summer, and bug Janice a little. ;)