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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cold Westher?

I pulled an Eddie Bauer catalog out of my mailbox this afternoon, and it's nearly the same as looking at an LLBean catalog.  I want some cold weather!  I want to buy flannel lined jeans, warm sweaters, down parkas, fleece lined slippers and boots!  
Current temps in the 60's and next week to be 50's in Sacramento just chills a person to the bone, whereas the real cold can be dealt with by choice of wardrobe, and you can look pretty darn good at the same time!

I got Christmas shopping done for 5 grandchildren today, with 3 more to go.  I also took the parabolic dish heater back to Costco.  I loved that thing but I couldn't plug it into an outlet close enough to my recliner to do me any good.  I may have to find another little Lasko heater one of these days.

I think I'm going to have a real problem with the antibiotics I'm supposed to take, specifically Levofloxacin.  After only one dose I developed on and off pain in an Achilles tendon, shoulder, and a couple of other places.  Another dose later I am not sure if I should call the G.I. Clinic.  Why do these problems come up on a weekend?

Jeannie & Sarah (Joe's wife) are talking about going up to Apple Hill tomorrow to buy Christmas trees, caramel apples, apple pies, cider, etc., but I'm not sure if I want to traipse around in the cold.  I could get out my Eddie Bauer down jacket, but it would be overkill even for the slightly higher elevation at Apple Hill.  I'm bored just sitting at home so maybe I'll try walking a little.  


  1. Just come on down to North Florida. You can wear all that stuff here right now. I'm seriously thinking about unpacking my flannel jeans. I keep thinking any day now this dark dreary rainy cold windy weather is going to let up but it's been about 3 weeks now.

  2. Just bring the jacket and go with the kids. It could be fun. Wear layers so you can peel them off as the weather calls for.
    Never heard of antibiotics causing body aches I know they can do a number on your stomach.
    I'm off to a craft show tomorrow just to get out and see what is being made and sold.

  3. It was warm here today. Perfect shirt sleeve weather. Having cold and clear nights. The stars are beautiful.

  4. I think I'd get chilled just looking at that catalog. ;)

  5. Gonna need those clothes here this coming week as we're going down to highs in the 50's. I'm used to warm weather and can't handle that anymore. Doesn't BC/BS offer a call a nurse program that you can call with questions 24 hours a day? Call them about the antibiotic.

  6. I used to live in Apple Hill - right on Pony Express Trail. I loved living there. Every year the Wagon Train would go right past my house in the morning on it's way to Placerville for the Wagon Train Parade. You brought back some great memories for me.

    My daughter, who lives in Vacaville, goes to Apple Hill every year for holiday pies. :)