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Saturday, November 23, 2013

YAY, The Weekend!

I don't know that it matters to me as I usually stay quiet on weekends and out of the way of those who work all week.  This morning I decided I would do a bit of cleaning and had just started on the kitchen floor when I got a call from my primary Doctor's office.  I had requested that she write me an Rx for a mild narcotic that I can keep on hand for "in case".  She know how few of any kind of prescription drugs I take, and wrote me back that I could pick it up at her office.

That was one of the stops on my list after seeing the surgeon yesterday, but the dead battery changed all my plans!  I got a call from the doc's office this morning telling me I could visit their office this weekend and get the Rx - they are open for Urgent Care it seems.

I took the Rx to Costco but like most pharmacies I've come across in CA, they don't keep much of anything on hand.  They told me they would order the drug on Monday and I could pick it up on Wednesday, so I decided to try another pharmacy, which I did, and which filled the Rx in 20 minutes.  

I also visited the grocery and got two small organic "sugar pie" pumpkins, as I've offered to make the pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.  After cooking a pumpkin years ago and starting from scratch I could never again open a can of pumpkin!  I need to practice on my piecrust to make sure I haven't lost my touch, so I've decided to make a small amount of dough, cut it into pieces which I will butter and add sugar & cinnamon, and bake.  That should give me an idea whether or not I'm getting too old to do this.  And I can always find someone who will eat mediocre pie crust with butter, sugar, and cinnamon.

I taught all my kids to make great pie crust the way my mom taught me, and they are very good at it, except for Mike who had me show his wife, Sandy.  Sandy makes great piecrust and lets 7 yr old Joshua help her, so he's on his way to continuing the family tradition.

Several people mentioned in comments yesterday that I should have called a taxi.  In all the years I've lived in/visited Sacramento I have never seen a taxi.  I'm sure there must be some hanging around the airport and maybe the train station.  But most California cities are sprawled out and you really need a car unless you are on a bus or light rail line for getting to work.

I hated losing my space in the surgeon's queue, but at the time I only wanted to get my car running again.  The whole surgery thing has become a joke, but I'll go along with it and when it is over I don't plan to ever see another specialist again!

I don't know what routine the spammers follow, but the Russians have commented on one particular blog I wrote back in October, sometimes 10 or more a day, and now I'm getting comments on the same post but in Kanji (Japanese).  I just can't imagine the kind of people who do this and what they hope to achieve from it.  I put up with it for the one or two legitimate anonymous comments I get now and then.

I said I was going to work out my frustrations at the gym last night, and I certainly did.  I feel pretty good today, mentally and physically.



  1. I'm supposed to bring a pumpkin pie for the dinner at the volunteer village. Can you send me one of yours?

    I'm sure I'll just end up getting one at the local grocery store...

  2. I am really proud of you working out in the gym. I don't think I would be that dedicated. Guess I will just get back on my Gazelle, or not. . . I used to use it every day but haven't for awhile.

  3. Glad they gave you a prescription so you have it if you need it. I'll bet your pie is delicious. I never could learn from my mother to make the crust light and flakey. David is great at it. Best pies ever but I win all the cake awards. I should be at the gym. :-)

  4. My Dad always made the pies at our house. And I don't make pies. I don't think I've made more than 5 in my whole life - except for Mrs. Smith's. But pie crust with cinnamon and sugar - that was our big treat when we were young.

  5. I never could make a pie crust. So I always bought the ready made or used something else. My mom was a great baker and so is my sister. Me I just like to cook and really not all that much anymore. Dad did home made pasta, raviolis and breads.
    I know your pie crust will be great.
    I'm with Judy I'll head to the store.