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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Minor disappointment

I can't get the black lab I saw online out of my mind and have been corresponding with someone from the lab rescue about seeing him.  She told me he was in a kennel in Galt undergoing treatment for kennel cough, and then would be in a foster home near there.

In no time at all I got a notice of upcoming walks with the Volksmarch club, and lo and behold, there is one this Thursday morning in Galt!  After some correspondence back and forth I was advised to fill out the application form, scan it and send it to the rep, who would check with the foster to see if I could possibly take a look at the dog on Thursday.

I just now heard back that this particular foster doesn't adopt out to anyone without a fenced yard, which leaves me out completely.  She also told me that the kennel treatment should be finished by next week and that the dog will probably be adopted pretty quickly.  I'm so disappointed, but in view of my upcoming medical procedures and surgery it is probably for the best. 

When I was with the family last weekend my brother, Fred, gave me a box containing 4 CD's of the "Ultimate Oldies But Goodies" collection - early rock & roll.  I've said before, there are some old rock & roll songs I like, and some that I abhor.  The good ones I sing along with and seem to remember most, if not all of the words.  So far I've listened to one CD and will probably play the 2nd one this afternoon.

Even though I'm still having some  discomfort I decided to go to the gym with Jeannie last night.  I'm so glad I did as I feel better today.  I took it easy with some of the machines, but did fine with most of them.  I think that what I have been considering as sore abs from exercising were in fact from gallbladder & bile duct trouble.

I got my b&w photos back today, and unfortunately they didn't turn out as well as I had hoped.  I had the film in the camera for too long before I was able to take all 36 shots, and then the roll of exposed film fell on the floor of my car and rolled around under the seats for most of my recent trip.  Not good for the film.  Here is a shot I took at Ara's college graduation - that is my youngest son (Joe) to the left, and granddaughter Autumn on the right.  Joe will graduate tomorrow night here in Sacramento.  It's been a long time coming - he was able to take all the core degree  requirements while waiting to "hit the lottery" to get into the Respiratory Care Program.  He has done very well, and I will be proud to see him graduate.  I'll try to take some pictures with my digital tomorrow evening and can get them posted right away rather than have to wait to complete a roll of film!  (I hope this enlarges properly when clicked.)



  1. Without a fenced yard, many dog rescue groups won't adopt to you. There are a number of large shelters in the Sacramento area and nearby, so you should be able to find what you are looking for there. Homes for dogs over 5 or 6 are hard to come by, so your local shelter will likely be very happy to place a dog with you. Try www.petharbor.com and search by your zip code. Most shelters use the software tracking program for which Pet Harbor is the public face. Look at the "lost" pages as well, and call on any dog that interests you to get the available date. In no time, you will find the perfect lab for you.

  2. I love those oldies but goodies things. I can sing along to a lot of them too. Now why can't I remember what I went into the bedroom for if I can remember all the words to songs 50 years old?? Glad you went back to the gym. It seemed to make you feel much better. Good to take it easy though. You sure have a lot of folks in your family to be proud of. Lucky you!

  3. Don't despair Gypsy,It's not like Black Labs are a rare commodity, if this one isn't to be. There is a lot to be said about letting a lab choose you,The one you are meant to have will appear, just like Rigg's did for us.We are pulling for you. Sam & Donna.....

  4. To bad about the Lab. but like others said there are plenty out there.

    Nice to hear about your son's graduation.

    I think I have a problem with my blogger. I haven't bothered in 2 nights since I haven't had anything to report. But if you have a chance can you try to leave a comment please. Thx