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Friday, November 8, 2013

Ah, Joy!

My maps arrived and I can't wait to study them more closely.  Today I just got my bearings; they are really big maps and I wanted to determine where some of the hikes and camp sites are that I'm interested in.  The maps have a plastic coating which will keep them in good shape, I hope.  I was surprised that ordering directly from the Forest Service was much cheaper than commercial online places.  I think the two maps I received cost me less overall than if I had ordered only one of them from Amazon.

Joe came by this morning and after we talked for a while he got on the roof and wrapped my swamp cooler.  Now at least I won't worry about rain blowing in from that source, and I wish the leaks in the roof were as easily fixed.  Joe brought his youngest daughter, Keira, the recent birthday girl.  She sure is a talker but after a while asked if she could watch TV.  Sorry honey, grandma doesn't get tv!

I've really been going through bandwidth on the MiFi this month.  With two weeks left I have used 4-1/2 GB of my allowance.  I knew I couldn't get through the next two weeks so rather than worry about it going over I switched to 10GB for an extra $30.  I plan to switch back at the end of the billing period, but I think they bill a month in advance, and I hope they adjust it so that I'm only paying for what I use.  I may continue with the extra for another month and watch some YouTube videos that I've been holding off on.  I like Neil Degrasse Tyson, the astrophysicist, and I have several of his videos that are an hour or so in length that I've been saving.

I found an ad for Frontier.net that offers a pretty good monthly rate, no contract, for unlimited internet.  There are two plans, with different download and upload speeds, and I have no idea what I currently have or need.  Sometimes the MiFi is super fast, and sometimes it is really really slow.  Frontier.nets plans are both cheaper than what I pay Verizon for the MiFi, but it would only be available at my home location.  I'll have to think about it.

I have to get my things together to leave for the gym in a few minutes.  Mon., Wed., and Friday I go with Jeannie, but haven't been by myself all week.  I did walk a couple of days though.  I'm wearing a new pair of exercise pants, no doubt designed for yoga, that have absolutely no tummy control.  I don't know which sticks out more, my butt or my belly.  It's going to take intensive yoga to get rid of the stomach, I'm thinking.

A very nice gentleman called me from the hospital today to remind me that since I'm having anesthesia I need to be there a whole hour beforehand on Tuesday.  I told him just thinking about the whole thing made me sick, but he assured me that by the time anything gets started I will be completely out! 

You may remember that about a year ago I mentioned a book by Patrick F. McManus who writes articles for Field & Stream magazine.  McManus has written a large number of books on outdoors pursuits, and he also authors a mystery novel series featuring a sheriff in a back woods Idaho community.  I just finished the first of the series today, and it is so funny in parts I couldn't stop laughing.  Being a mystery there is some suspense, but no terror.  I got the first two of the series from the library and will now have to order the next two.  McManus is an excellent writer and humorist, and I recommend him, especially for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.  I am not sure if he still writes for F&S magazine - I find it uncomfortable to stand in front of the men's magazine section in stores - like I don't belong there - although I'm sure a lot of women like hunting and fishing as well as the guys.

Gotta run now - later. 




  1. It's so much fun to do all the planning and checking out all the maps. I love planning our travels. Just so you know, I've about given up on the pedometer.

  2. You got leaks in the roof? The travel bureau of California says it never rains there and the sun is always shining. . .

  3. Great you're planning and reading fun books... this time next week ... you'll be all soooo happy that it's over and out...

    yeah... that song ... it never rains in California ... but but girl don't they warn ya .... it pours, man it pours

    not funny is it... don't like leaks.. not one little bit.

  4. Those sound like great maps. I love it when they are coated so that no matter how much you open and close them they don't tear. Thaks for the book recommendation. Your life sounds mighty fine right now.

  5. Thanks for the McManus tip - I'm always looking for new writers, especially if they have lots of books already written that I can download as audio-books. I'm going to check on him.