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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Slow Sunday

It was slow to begin with because I didn't change the clocks back one hour last night, and got out of bed at 8 am (by the clock).  I had a good night's sleep and it was luxurious to know I had so much time to just take it easy.  I had a birthday party to go to at 1:00 - my granddaughter, Keira, is 4 today.

The big surprise was when Steve arrived and said they had a surprise in the car.  I knew immediately what it was!  Meet Daisy:

The first two pictures are kind of hazy because of the sun, and the third one is more clear but Daisy was too far from the bounce house to get completely in the picture.  I couldn't get her to stay still long enough to pose for a picture, although that will happen when she settles down.  (Click on a picture to see it enlarged.)

Daisy was adopted through Central CA Lab Rescues, and is 2 years old.  What a sweet temperament, but she will find toys and food wherever she can reach.  The tail would hit me just below the knee everytime she went by me - it never stops wagging.

I'm not totally convinced I need a dog though, and after pretty much thought in the past few weeks I've just about decided I don't want to give up my freedom.  Maybe I will, but I don't think so.

In reading my post from yesterday I can't believe I'm still yakking about getting TV service.  If I get it I will gradually work my way up to where I'm watching way more than I want to.  A big reason is being alone most of the time, and it's a way of hearing voices.  I really don't want to go back to that, and it's ironic that when I have the opportunity to watch, at the gym or wherever, I can't stand to watch it.

On another old topic, the spam comments are starting to increase.  Blogger puts them in the spam folder right away, but I get them in email form and have to mark them as spam, and then periodically delete them.  It is just annoying me no end to deal with it because each one I get is a reminder of what jerks there are, while I believe in the basic goodness of most people.

I see my eye surgeon tomorrow and that is always a positive experience, even though I doubt there will be much he can do for my deteriorating eyesight.  There is something so positive about the man and you have to feel good just being in the room with him, like he exudes great vibes.  I would love to have that quality.

After that will be a trip to REI and I hope I don't spend too much, and maybe I'll take my walking shoes along for a little exercise before coming back home.


  1. I still have not been to the REI here. I guess because of where it is located. The traffic is horrible on the part of town.

    Sure is a pretty dog was that her birthday gift?

  2. I didn't get another dog for the same reason. The longer I didn't, the easier it got. I use NPR when I want voices in the house. For me TV is just too stupid. I never feel better after spending my time that way like I do when I'm exercising.

  3. I have vowed no more dogs when these two are gone but who knows. They really do tie you down. I'm a TV person - it's just not the same noise when the radio is on.

  4. I am finally in a space where I have no excuse not to finally get cats again. Procrastination? Not sure. I do still think I see my cat(s) in the shadows sometimes when I start to step and I step around the imaginary cat before I realize.

  5. Glad you expect good news from the eye doc. My eye is getting better since my visit to the eye surgeon the other day.

  6. naw.... you need to be free ... until you totally settle that gypsy spirit down ... ha... you don't want to worry about a little furry pal.

    Just too much todoing with a pet .. even though they're worth it if you've had them a long while but to get one for a companion to travel? too limiting... I think so.