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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Just Chillin'

All I've done today was laundry, 2 loads, which is easy enough except for having to carry it back and forth across the street to the dryer.  It's heavy when it's wet!  I will have another load to do tomorrow if I manage to get the sheets changed on my bed. 

I just looked out and see a gorgeous sunset.  I know you desert folks love your sunsets but I don't think you have anything on me (actually, Sacramento would be a desert if it wasn't irrigated).  The reds and pink streaks are especially beautiful tonight contrasted with strips of a lovely blue sky.  I napped for so long that I nearly missed it!

Dang, I wish I had TV - much as I dislike it and complain, I'm going bonkers with no sound.  Last night I listened to some of the old rock CD's my brother gave me, as well as some Pandora radio.  I'd love to hear the sounds of "All Things Considered" right now.  To make matters worse I have only a few chapters left of the Patrick McManus book I've been reading (Bear in the Attic) and the library is closed on Monday.  I'll have to go buy me a book tomorrow.


  1. I would have thought you to be a hang the clothes on the line gal. But two loads of wash is good no matter how you do it. Sure hope Monday isn't a holiday I forgot about. I thought All Things Considered was on the radio not the TV. But then I haven't done either in so long what do I know.

  2. Can't you get an off of the air tv antenna much like one for an RV... It would be free, and I would bet that you could pick up public tv.. And there would be the all things considered type of news... Your son in law could install it.... If I was closer, I would come do it for you...

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  4. Wet laundry is very heavy to have to carry a short distance never mind across a road. Maybe you could get one of those carts and roll it there.

    Noise sometimes is the only reason I turn on the TV.

  5. I did what Jo said - I got a cart to haul my laundry around. I would go bonkers without the TV. As much as I love to read and listen to music, there are times when I want to hear voices or watch something stupid.

  6. Yes I often put the TV on just for the noise. When we were still RVing I bought a cart to haul my laundry to the Laundry room. I loved it. JB called it my Old Lady Cart lol, It folded down and was made of wire. It didn't take up much space at all.

  7. I use my laptop a lot for entertainment but I understand your not having much data usage...

    Let's buy a lottery ticket... I won't share with you but I'd set you up with at least a month's worth of extra data! ;)

    and... yeah, seems the old TV antennae would work well... you got a Radio Shack near you?

  8. Based on the current crop of TV shows, listening to music is much more satisfying.