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Monday, November 1, 2010

No tricks, no treats

I think I came out the winner last night, and I have loads of Hershey bars to snack on. I never did see or hear any kids down at our end of the complex - I don't think there are many children anyway, and they would be way down at the other end. Most people I've talked to say they had very few, if any at all.

I went up a pound with the dumbells today and my legs are killing me. I can't believe an extra pound in each hand can affect so many other muscles.

I've done a lot of thinking today about traveling, timing, routes, etc. My time in Arizona should get me used to living in a TC as well as boondocking. When I get back home I would like to find some good places in Northern CA or even up into Oregon, to spend a week at a time getting the routine down. The weather will no doubt be a factor as to where I will go.

Leaving here the first of April for New York should be ok, except I will probably run into a storm or two along the way. One possible problem I can foresee is only having one small propane tank. If I can find a good place to store another one, I will probably get one and "piggyback" it to the first.

I'm getting renewal notices every week from Good Sam, Passport America, and KOA. I hate to pay all that money unless I have a fair hope of recouping the membership fees. I could just pick one of those and go for it, but then I would find myself wishing I had selected a different one. I guess it would pay in the long run if I make an extensive west to east round trip. I'm not even sure when any of my memberships actually expire - like magazine subscriptions they start sending renewal notices months before they are due, and I just tend to ignore them.

I've made an exhaustive search online for those map decals people place on their rigs to show where they've traveled. I should have bought one in the beginning when you could still get the ones with solid color state stickers. Now, the new set has the state license plate depicted on each state sticker, and they don't look distinctive enough to see at a glance, espcially driving by a rig, which states are on the map. I think they tried one a while back with state flags, and that doesn't seem to work either. I haven't been to an RV supply place for a while so I don't know if there are stashes of the old merchandise sitting somewhere. It certainly isn't evident on the internet. Even eBay doesn't have anything but the license plate stickers.

And in my own way of doing things, if I've driven my rig through a state then I'm satisfied that I've "been there". I don't feel the need to sleep in a state to be able to tick it off. Lots of people have pretty emphatic views on the subject, so no matter what map you're looking at it might not be in the same ballpark as another. It's the American Way, and so far I don't think the map police have caught on.


  1. After 4 1/2 years, I've said ixnay on Good Sam and never did have KOA. I do keep Passport America for those times I'm traveling between assignments. :) My plans for next summer have fallen through, so I'll have to rethink things after I get back from the cruise.

  2. No trick or treater's for us either last night but that's OK, we didn't mind. Yes, Passport America has been sending us renewal stuff as well. We totally avoid KOA's because of their high rates but we only use RV Parks as a last resort anyway. Usually as an overnighter between destinations. It was one year ago today we rolled into Rusty's Ranch RV Park near Portal New Mexico.

  3. I agree - Passport America is the one to keep. KOA is so expensive and we seldom use Good Sam but we use PA all the time all across the country.

    We have one of the maps with the license plate stuff and you're right. It's not as easy to see. We got ours at an rv store.

  4. We dumped Good Sam a few years ago, mostly because of all the junk mail. It made us crazy and refused to stop it when we asked them.

    KOA is the last place we will stay. We have not had a happy experience with them in a long time.

    We still use Passport and it pays for itself in a very short time.

    But like you said, second guessing is always likely to happen.

  5. I am a Charter Life Time Member of Good Sam RV Club. I finally got them to stop sending so much stuff to my mail forwarding service. I do use their Road Service, and think it is very good. Don't use KOA, too $$$ but I do like some of their parks.
    PA is a good deal, it will pay for it's self in one or two uses. Since I am alone I have a policy with GS, if something happens to me, they will take care of my pet, transport me or anyone traveling with me, take my rig home etc. I was worried about my dog!

  6. You can look on your card from a club to see when it expires. I am with everyone else. PassPort America pays for itself over and over for us. And, like everyone else, I am going to drop all the others. Good Sam has never paid for itself and the junk mail is almost daily.

  7. I agree with the others. PPA is worth i and , you will recover your cost in 2 or 3 nites. Good Sam's 10% is not worth the junk mail you receive and KOA campgrounds are just not worth the cost period.

  8. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&_trksid=p4340.m748&item=320447480701&viewitem=&_trkparms=clkid%3D4699158985159070897

    maybe this is what you're looking for?

  9. Have you thought about a suction hose and siphon the gas from your truck? The kind that have the bulb you squeeze to get the gas flowing. It would take less room, and you don't have to worry about spills.

  10. We got the state map for the rigs at a truck stop, it was under all the new type that's out.

    We have Passport America, which pays for itself in two moves. Love that one.

    Good luck in the weights, I'm still really sore when I increase them.