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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Emergency Weather Radio

When I began RVing I bought an Eton Emergency Radio/Weather Alert. I never had the chance to use it when I dropped it and broke the antenna. Radio Shack, where I bought it, told me they didn't carry the antenna, so I've carried it around the country in my travels and never once used it. I actually never had any occasion to worry about the weather, but I decided I should go to the Eton website and order a replacement antenna.

I submitted the order this morning for an antenna at $6.95. When I was completing the check-out process I noted that S/H for this item is $6.95. Is that a rip-off or what. I would be willing to bet that postage is no where near that amount. I debated trying to find an antenna somewhere, but I've exhausted the sources here in Sacramento where I might find one. I bought the radio here in Sacramento two years ago, and checked everywhere when it broke, to no avail. So the $6.95 antenna is going to cost me over $15 with tax and shipping, but I will be able to use the radio I hope.

This is one of the items that I have done without my entire life - a weather alert radio - and survived very well. I've read blogs of folks in the vicinity of high winds and possible tornados who keep the radio on all night, in case. I am not going to lose sleep over worrying about it, and if a tornado comes along it can carry me from Dreamland to the Land of Oz if that's my destiny. But for my waking hours, I hope at least the FM radio reception is decent. Oh, I nearly forgot that my iPod has FM Radio as well. I'll be set if I ever get the iPod up and running and the radio antenna installed.

I have the radio but don't know where I put the AC adaptor or any of the other accessories, so I'd better start looking through all the cords, wires, etc., that I've collected over the years. This wonderful radio that has flashing lights and sirens, and even a hand crank to charge your cell phone, may save my life one day. In that case I will eat crow!


  1. I don't know why, but your latest post is not showing up on my site. Your no news blog is, but not this one.

    We have a weather radio that stays on, of course, we live in a place where there are lots of weather alrerts. High winds, snows, ice and tornadoes.(sp)

  2. Good luck! My Eton does not get very good reception, only one station...pretty useless!

    B Hart

  3. We've used our weather radio a few times so far. Especially if we are trying to decide whether to head out or stay put.

  4. After I refreshed my page, then your new post came up. I am sooo blonde some days. There is just no hope for me... :)

  5. We have a weather radio and used it when we spent winters in Arizona but since staying home it just sits in a cupboard. It used to come in handy especially on the way to and from Arizona.

  6. That antenna on my Eton is just a generic silver collapsible job like on a portable am-fm to bad there isn't one of those old fix-it shops or a neighbor didn't have a junk transistor radio laying around, mine just has a little screw hold it on. Oh well it is a high price to pay, but like you said if you ever camp near a stream that is sensitive to flooding it might make it all worth while. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  7. We carry a portable alert weather radio and have had it on several times over night during storm and tornado watches.

    Have not had to run for cover yet, but it has been close a few times. It is just another tool, just in case.

  8. A weather radio is a good idea. I am a ham radio operator and get most of my info that way. But, I can't live without my XM radio. It is set on the bluegrass station and the dial never moves from there.

  9. I hate paying higher shipping than what the item requires. Just got a set of four commercial grade cooking tongs by Polarware from a gal on Ebay. She said 11.50 shipping. When they came, the label was only 5.95. I complained to her and she said read the listing, it was shipping AND handling. Cost of her gas to bring to the post office I guess????

    Karen and Steve
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