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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A few hours in Quartzsite

We drove over to Q about mid-morning, visited a few vendors (not nearly as many there as there will be in a couple of weeks), ate lunch, and then drove over to see Celia's Rainbow Garden. Quartzsite has a well-know vendor, the "Naked Bookseller" who is quite a character, obviously, but you may not know that he and his wife lost their beautiful little daughter, Celia, and they and many volunteers worked to build a memorial garden in her honor. The idea has grown, and it looks like others have created and tended little garden spaces in memory of loved ones. It is a fascinating place to visit. There are many kinds of plants and trees, all identified with a small plaque, and no doubt there are flowers in season.

There is all kinds of merchandise to be found at the various vendors' sites, much of it at a very good price. It was a little overwhelming to me as there were so many items I would like to buy, but I have to decide on whether I need them and, more importantly, where would I put them.

I bought an outdoor window thermometer just like the one I used in my 5th wheel. If you can get it in a window facing the proper direction, it is very nice to be able to estimate the outdoor temp before going out with the dog in the morning. I still have my old one, on one of my living room windows in the apartment. I also bought a folding resin table which will be perfect for setting between a couple of outdoor chairs. Both of these products were made in the USA by the way, which is a selling point to me although I know everyone might not worry about it. I think both items were competitively priced.

So now I can say I've been to Quartzsite. I haven't stayed there in an RV, but from what I see of it I don't think I would want to spend much time there. When the crowds start arriving in droves it will just be too intense and busy to suit me.


  1. I did Quartzite once "in season" in 2007 and that was enough for me. Some folks seem to really like it, though. I guess I'm not one of them. :)

  2. I agree - once at Q was enough. Did you know that the guy at the bookstore is also a concert pianist? I was really surprised to learn that. We went to the garden also while we were there. It was beautiful.

  3. We have been to Q twice, both out of season. Seen the pictures of the crowds during the events and we are just as happy to miss that.

    I have talked with the bookseller but did not know the story of his daughter.

  4. We stopped at Celia's Memorial Garden in 09 I think. A very peaceful place. No, Quartzsite is not for everyone that's for sure. Just way too many people. Even with thousands of acres to park your rig I'm always amazed at the 'huddling' thing that goes on there. Rigs parked out in the desert nearly touching each other sometimes. We do not need any RV stuff this year so plan to stay well clear of all that Quartzsite nonsense.

  5. We are "required" to go to a rally up in Parker in January, but will avoid Quartzsite like the plague. Al doesn't like neighbors too close to him, and I don't blame him, but others go there to huddle together for closeness. Not for us -- we'd try to be farther away, but maybe not as far away as Al. But we won't be there anyway, close or not!