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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I bought a few small items for camping this morning, including a small gas can for the generator. I only got a 1 gal. can, and may eventually wish I had a larger one. If that happens I'll just go out and buy a larger one. Home Depot had the 1 gal. and a 5 gal., with nothing in between. When I was at Lassen they brought gas for the golf cart in 5 gallon cans, and I could barely lift them when they were full.

I've been saving small boxes and have begun to put things to take in a box which is probably not the smartest thing to do yet, and I will no doubt have to repack everything later on. It makes me feel like I'm moving forward, plus it is keeping the things together that I want to take with me. I talked to Dave (the current owner of the TC) and decided that I will get some items at Quartzsite or vicinity. If I pack my truck up too full I'll look like a dust bowl migrant going back out of California! There is no sense to bringing a lot of things along with me that I could probably buy cheaper in Arizona, especially considering I will be minus the tail gate on my truck by then!

This morning I renewed my membership online for Passport America. If in my travels I find I'm stopping at KOA's now and then, I can always renew at check-in. Not having someone with me who can look up campgrounds and RV parks, I have to rely on the highway signs when it's getting around the time I want to stop. If I'm tired and haven't found anything suitable, that KOA sign can be like a welcoming beacon. I know they usually charge at least $10 more than many other places, but there have been desperate times when I would have paid anything to find a nice, friendly CG with large pull through sites. Many of them have a small store as well as food service, and in a pinch I've enjoyed their pizza for my dinner. (On my way to CA last year I stayed at a KOA where the owner's wife actually cooked dinners that you could buy.) It's not everyone's choice, but I've always been grateful for them being available when and where I really have needed them.

The thing I've disliked about PA is that you have to remember to ask if they accept Passport America, as most CG owners won't volunteer that information. I'm sure I have missed the "deal" more than once, and it really irritates me, especially when the check-in staff asks "Are you a member of Good Sam", to which I respond "Yes", thinking that is the discount they offer. But as someone mentioned, you recoup your membership fee if you use it twice, so I'll go for one more year and try to remember to always ask if they are a PA campground.


  1. I know what you mean by coming in off the road at the end of a long driving day to a Campground. We hit a nice KOA in Canonville Utah one time & another KOA east of Denver was a welcome site another time. Sometimes it just doesn't matter what it costs because it's like finding an Oasis in the desert. We don't stay in Campgrounds but they sure hit the spot for an overnighter sometimes.

  2. Since I'm generally not comfortable overnighting in a Walmart or truck stop, I do rely on Passport America, and this fall have done a few KOAs. I think KOAs are over priced, but I really understand the relief of a good port in a storm, so to speak. :)

  3. I am sure the 1 gallon can will work just fine, that is what I use when we go to the mountains and it will carry a week or more worth of gas for charging my batteries with the little gennie.

  4. I bought 2 one gallon cans for my gen. Only have I ever used 1.
    PA does have a directory they send you, also a website to research your parks before you travel. I got their CD instead of the book.

  5. I always plan so never have to worry about where my parks are along the road. I know I am anal retentive, but it makes for a smoother trip. I guess it is all what you like to do or are comfortable with.

  6. I stop at KOA's a lot. Have never been dissapointed in them. The one at Junction, TX has a lot birds and wildlife, since it is on the river. Deer come down to drink.

    You wrote in a comment: I backpacked 900 miles in one trip back in the 1990's, and I shared my food and snacks with my dog, but I never ever ate any of his dog food.

    I want you to go look at one of my old blogs on "dog food":

    Around my house, I fight over the dog food.

  7. are you familiar with RV campgground reviews on the web? I just found your blog so don't know if you use this or not. It helps us find a LOT of places. There are also great apps for smart phones that tell you what campgrounds are near what exits. Just a thought...Jeannie

  8. It sounds like you are having so much fun, outfitting your new-to-you rig to come! You go, girl!

    Karen and Steve
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