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Friday, November 19, 2010

Anxiety before a trip

I've gotten it all my life, and I have a good case of it now. The few days before leaving when I just know I will forget something important; won't be able to get everything into the suitcase/car/truck; and just pure excitement about traveling. There are always things that don't seem to go right, and this time is no exception.

I realize I shouldn't complain about my dog, and I really do love her. But she always chooses this time to "act up", maybe picking up on my mood? One thing I realize is that I don't actually have all that freedom we all talk about. Having a dog dictates what you do first and foremost, and their needs must be considered and met, just as when the children were small.

To add to my anxiety, my brother-in-law is dying in Florida. He is waiting on a heart transplant but suffers one setback after another in the meantime, and my sister is alone there, although there are family and friends who come to be with her for a few days. My oldest son (her first godchild) is flying in today. I should go as well, but the first problem that arises is what to do with the dog. It always comes down to that.

These and other problems are facing me now as I prepare to leave on Sunday, which will be rainy the entire day. I checked the weather report for every town and city down through the Central Valley, and the rain doesn't look as if it will let up. The overcast will definitely affect my vision, so I will definitely drive slower and hope I don't cause too much road rage.

I may wait until I am well on my way to post, or until my outlook improves. I'm not being negative - just "antsy and anxious", and knowing I'm not nearly ready.

This afternoon I will see the eye surgeon and don't expect much to have changed. If I'm going to require surgery, it's going to wait until after Christmas.


  1. As I was going up I-380 in the Pocono's this morning what should pass me but a Dodge diesel with a Lance Camper in the bed, What a sharp looking Rig, I immediately thought, won't be long and Gypsy will have her Lance,This one had Michigan tags and headed north on I-84 so they must not mind cold weather as it's been cold at night out here. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  2. Definition of being 65 years old, is when you want to drive a really big truck under 25 miles an hour! Good luck on your trip!

  3. I know exactly how you feel about the angst and excitement before a journey. Now that we travel so much I've pretty well gotten over it but when we sit for a month or two it will start all over again. And I can get really snarly with Jim which is definitely not fair to him.

    And the dog definitely does tie you down. We plan our sight seeing, our visiting and our travels around them and their needs. Love them beyond words but sometimes . . .

  4. Travel and stress always come together in some way. The weather is always an issue, but once you load up the rig, you can just drive a few miles down the road and settle into a campground until the weather improves. After all, that is part of the freedom of travel in an RV.

    We have learned all about dealing with a dog in an RV and you are right that it is always something to deal with.

    Think positive and enjoy the journey.

  5. You may not use the information now, but a lot of PETSMARTS have a vet office in the stores and this eliminates having to look for one to update the shots. Another option is to find out when the humane society or local animal groups are doing low cost shot clinics. Lines are long but the price is right and the shots are then caught up.

  6. I know what you mean about the dog. Kandi is not used to travelling and sits in the passenger seat, cries, shakes.Every time I get out of the truck,she jumps into MY seat. I love her,but she is a pain in the butt.
    I think this move has really got me down, I have not felt well since I moved! Maybe all in my head???

  7. Once you are on your way you probably remember a few things you forgot. Not to worry, there are stores all over the place. Might be a bit expensive but not insurmountable. Bon voyage and good luck with the camper.

  8. I am so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law, I hope everything sorts itself out soon.
    After you get the camper, can't you and Lady drive on to FL?

    It seems that she is picking up on your anxiety, and that, in turn, is stressing you. Let go and let God.

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  9. I think anxiety & apprehension are a normal part of traveling & I think we all have it to some degree. Of course a lot of men wouldn't admit to it though. I find the pre-trip jitters stay with me right up the time I put the key in ignition & get the big wheels rolling. The pre trip jitters are then quickly replaced with the on the road jitters. Awwwww, don't ya just love it:)) Not sure which route you are planning on but if your rolling on I-10 at any point in the Benson Arizona area we are only 40 minutes south of there with lots of room for your rig:))))