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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Drive to Wickenburg

Dave and I drove to Wickenburg today and stopped at a Safeway so I could get a few groceries, plus a general type store in the area. The route we took was pretty nondescript at first, but there was one section on Eagle Eye Road that was really pretty. I should have stopped to take a picture of the eagle-shaped rock, but didn't.

We would have gone to Buckeye but didn't know when my orders would be in - on the way back I got a call saying my glasses were ready for pickup, and since I've been home I got the call that the rubber truck bed mat is in at Auto Zone. We will probably go in early tomorrow to pick them up and then Dave can get the non-skid mat in the truck bed prior to mounting the camper. No matter what I have to be back by mid-afternoon when the "honey wagon" comes around, since I signed up for it. The tank is just about full and I'll be relieved to get it emptied.

So things are going pretty well except for my brother-in-law's declining health in Orlando. I got word that my sister is bringing him home this afternoon and they will have hospice care. If and when the time comes she will bring him back to Fresno (CA), so I may be driving there directly from AZ.

I have to concentrate on the present rather than try to figure out the future, so I take it day to day. I will be very happy to get the camper loaded so I can begin to practice driving with it. The user guides and literature that came with it stress driving slowly at first, and I don't think I'll have any problem with that. The thing that most concerns me is going up and over Tehachapi Pass, but I don't see why it should be a problem, as there was no difficulty hauling that 5ver up and over.

Looking back over this post it shocks me how many times I begin a sentence with the word "I". Sorry about that.

Today has been a much nicer day, with very little wind, and it actually got warm enough to sit outside with my down vest on. At the grocery I saw guys in shorts, and ladies in bare shoulders, but I still wore a couple of layers. I guess it's a factor of age.


  1. Or maybe those lightly clothed folks are from Minnesota! :)

  2. I know you want to get going with your TC. Soon I hope. I am so ready to travel. I hope they can get my rig fixed ready quick! It will soon be too bad weather to try to cross the area around Van Horn,TX. sometimes it gets icy and snows! I do hope you like your TC!
    There is an Escapee's Co-OP park close to Wickenberg. Wish you could have checked it out.

  3. Sorry to hear that things are not improving for your B-I-L.

    Sounds like you are getting the TC all set up.

  4. I'm with you - I'm all bundled up even during the day time. I will sure be glad when it warms up around here. This week-end is supposed to be much warmer.

    There is a county or city park in Wickenberg that we stayed in that had beautiful views of the valley. No hook ups but the views were so worth it.

    I think you'll adjust to the TC without much trouble. If you can haul that fiver around you can easily man handle that truck and camper.

  5. I had to climb into my warm winter clothes Tuesday morning as well. People think all Canadians are used to the cold. Nope, that's just another myth about Canadians. Wind & cold nights are all a part of desert living unfortunately but I much prefer this side of the country than the other side. I love driving down highways & roads without another vehicle in sight for as far as the eye can see:))

  6. Always go through Wickenbug on my way to Stanton. You ought to try some gold prospecting while you are there. Of course, since you live in Calafornia, you are used to gold being in "them there hills" :-)

  7. We like Wickenburg it is a nice little town. Stopped there on our to Bullhead City. I know what you mean about the wind....it has been very bad here as well and I have certainly had enough!!