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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rainbow for good luck!

I have always loved seeing a rainbow, and no matter what my mood or the problems I have, a rainbow just makes me feel like everything will be perfect. It is my good luck symbol, and good luck always follows my seeing a rainbow. (Not the BIG good luck such as a winning lottery ticket, but the little kinds of things sometimes referred to as serendipity.

This morning I started out the walk with Lady, and looking towards the west I saw a beautiful rainbow. I could even see where it reached the ground, and thought briefly of going for the pot of gold! The sun was shining very brightly, although there were some heavy clouds in the northern sky.

If I was a good photographer I would somehow try to connect the following three photos - the rainbow made a perfect arc and could be seen from the ground on one side all the way to the other.

There was also a second rainbow forming to the right of the "big" one - Double Good Luck - and at one point it too reached the ground, although not when I had my camera handy. I'm trying to get in the habit of taking at least one of my cameras with me wherever I go.

I need to take 4 or 5 more shots on my Minolta and then try to find some fresh film. I know the film that is in the camera is old and the photos won't be good quality, but it is sure nice to be able to see what I'm trying to photograph through the viewfinder. It is a problem with my eyes, I'm sure, but with the digital camera I can see absolutely nothing but a dark screen - so I have no control over the set up of the shot. Very frustrating to have to trade off being able to download the photos immediately vs having to finish shooting the film and then taking it somewhere to be developed. I will probably try to use both cameras as much as possible and get the best of both worlds.

I'm writing this entry very early on Sunday morning, and I might possibly write another later in the day. I doubt anything exciting will happen though.


  1. My little digital camera has a viewfinder. I do not purchase cameras without viewfinders just because of my eyesight.

  2. I like a viewfinder too. The problem may have not been your eyes. Sometimes the light is just too bright and drowns out the scene on an LCD screen. Also an LCD screen can appear black if you are wearing polarized sunglasses.

  3. Great photos gypsy! I love rainbows too!

    Check your manual. There might be a button to change the lighting in the window so that you can see it. There is on mine although if it's really sunny it's still tough.

  4. I am from the old school & prefer a viewfinder as well despite what all the techie kids say about it's not cool to have a viewfinder. Nice rainbow for sure & I think there are some free 'stitching' programs out there to join photos together but I have never felt a need to do that. Carrying a camera at all times is a must. I kept a couple of my old Pentax 35mm cams but they haven't been out of the closet in years & likely never will be. The film days are gone & I personally feel that is a good thing. Digital is definately the way to go now.

  5. I,too, have always had a viewfinder. I think it's the only way to go. :)

  6. Beautiful rainbow pics, Gypsy! Definitely a good omen for you!!!!!

  7. We just bought a new camera with a view finder. I love rainbows and it so cool when you get one that goes all the way across from end to end.

  8. Great pictures and being in Arizona, there may well be gold at the end of that rainbow.

    BTW, I like view finders, too.

  9. Oh yes you are one lucky lady to get two rainbows! Enjoying your new truck camper adventures... and we are all pullin for ya!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. Hi Gypsy, I think that I have seen more beautiful rainbows in the desert than anywhere else. Great wide open spaces. Keep that camera handy!