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Friday, November 26, 2010

A few more photos

Today was spent by Dave installing the Torque-Lift tie-down hardware on my truck. I think I have the terms correct, but you get the general idea if I don't. It was really a time-consuming and difficult job doing the left side because the gas tank is right next to where the bolts go. There is a lot more to it but I can't describe it accurately, and it was a frustrating job (for Dave, I sat in my chair in the sun).

Here is a picture of the bed, and I'm sorry I didn't smooth down the comforter very well, but it is fine with me:

Here is a picture of Lady - you can see her bed is wedged in the narrow aisle way and it is difficult to get around her. I think her joints are bothering her and she has a tough time getting in and out of the camper, which will be worse when it sits up higher on the truck. I am definitely going to have to get a pet ramp.

While Dave was working on the tie-downs I walked around and tried to get some pictures to show how large his site is. Most of the sites are very large, and most folks have an RV or two, plus storage shed(s) plus a couple of vehicles.

His site is a huge wedge shaped piece of land, and his 5th wheel sits along one side; my TC is behind it. In the second picture you can see a white object on the extreme right, and that is his cargo trailer, which can give you an idea of how large the site is and how things are spaced well apart from each other.

I don't think I would ever be tempted to spend a lot of time in the desert, and I'm glad I have the opportunity to experience it for about a month. It is too thorny, sticker-bushy, dry, and windy. It gets down to freezing at night but still isn't short sleeve weather in the daytime, although the sun is bright. The two things I love are the absolute quiet and the sky full of stars. I think I have identified the constellation of Pisces in the sky, which I've never done before. I need a good star chart because everything I find online is not as good as the program that came with my telescope. I doubt the software would even be adaptable to my MAC, but I should check it out when I get back to Sacramento - I think I still have it but maybe not.

I've been in the west for a long time now and long for the green grass, trees and mountains of the east. Hopefully it won't be too much longer. I have to admit it is much easier to drive here and it seems like less traffic (except for cities, of course).

I think I am going to be able to adapt very quickly to being in a truck camper, but it really does take some adapting. There is much less space for one thing, but a lot more space than you might think. It will take some getting familiar with the systems and working out the easiest way for ME to use it.

I have finally found the justification I need to spend the money on a labeler! When I get back to Sac, my daughter is going to be helping me organize and pack and label everything. I might get my daughters-in-law in on the act as well, although the four of us would be bumping into each other!

Lastly, I'm sorry I haven't been able to comment on most blogs, although I try to read them all. I can run my computer and the MiFi off their batteries for so long, and then I need to plug them into an outlet to charge. Not wanting to pull from the batteries I just wait until I have several reasons to run the generator, so I have been weaned away from much of my computer use. Tomorrow we are going to drive someplace so I will be lucky to read my email. Be back online when I can - - -


  1. Good to hear from you gypsy, that looks like a really big bed. Hope you have found what you're comfortable with so you can keep traveling.

  2. It sounds as though you have found the kind of set up that works for you.

    I wouldn't like to live in the desert but I can imagine it being a wonderful experience for a time.


  3. I loved the desert when we spent the winter in Arizona. We stayed in wide open spots with a few of our friends. It was great. Every year it was like coming home. I sure miss it.

  4. We enjoy our lush green surroundings with lots of trees for 7 months of the year & the desert settings for 5 months of the year. Each one compliments the other & it is the drastic changes from one to the other that I enjoy. Wouldn't want to live in the desert all year round though. Perfect scenario for us would be to live in the cool forests of New Mexico in the summer & then travel the short distances to the desert regions for the winter. Happy to see things are beginning to gel with the Lance. Somedays I feel a computer communication breakdown might be a good way to get away from this blogging world for awhile!!

  5. Sounds like things are going well, and you and Lady are getting comfortable with the new Lance.

    I haven't spent time in the desert, just driven through a couple of times, but my preference would be the trees and mountains, too. I would like to visit the desert, though.

    I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and didn't miss your family too much.

  6. Looks like a good place to spend some time. You will be able to get completely checked out in the new camper at the same time.

    Have fun.

  7. Dave sure sounds like a great guy. Be sure to tell him how much we all appreciate him helping you out.

    Isn't it great how we are all so different. We spent a couple of months back east in the trees and green stuff and I was so glad to get back to the desert. But I will agree - it is way too cold here this year. It's usually about 20 degrees warmer.

    Glad you like your new camper. We too will be buying a dog ramp before too long. Our little girls are getting older and we need to really take care of their backs.

  8. Just think of Lady as your bear rug on the floor of your little cabin! :)

  9. Well Gypsy, looks like you will be just fine. You seem to adapt so well to things. You still amaze me!
    We will be heading to Arizona for two months this winter and I wonder how I will handle the desert. I love the ocean so much, not sure what I will think about it.

  10. Gypsy, you can easily come to love our desert! Suzy and I spent much of our working lives in California. We even spent 9 glorious years in Butte, Montana, the last four of them living at 6000' elevation in a pine forest. Now we love our life here in the desert, but we do want to get away to trees and rivers once in a while. Your Lance looks good, and you'll love it too, once you get things labeled!

  11. Your new RV looks great.

    One thing, make sure you knnow the overall height as it sits on your truck and then tape that height on your dash so you don't forget. You don't want to hit some low overhead structure.

    Have fun!

  12. What kind of telescope do you have? I would love to take mine to the desert, but it is too big and since I don't have a truck anymore, nowhere to carry it. Next time I go, I will take a small one.

  13. Yesterday I took my 13 yo dog to the vet for blood work to continue his thyroid meds. He's been having trouble getting up and down and the vet suggested acupuncture. Since I have it done myself I agreed to it. They actually did acupressure and put a liquid in the proper locations and I've already noticed a difference in him getting up...for the better. Just a thought for Lady.

  14. Looks like you are close/in Salome.
    Hope you are pleased with your Lance.
    I was hoping to be in Q by now, but with all my repairs, it will be Jan.