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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bone scan

I had a bone scan last week and this morning was notified that the results were available online. Oh sh*t! I couldn't remember my userid or password but after a couple of tries I hit it. The scan show osteoporosis of the lumbar spine and osteopenia of the hip. I guess I'd better step up my weight lifting a notch or two, and while I'm at it, look at some exercises to strengthen my spine.

Great news to receive on my actual birthday, in the year that rolls over into another decade. See, I still can't say or write the number :~)

But as the old saying goes, "When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping", and I'm going to the Folsom Outlet Mall today.

I may feel like hell, but for some reason I feel like the world is mine! I am actually very happy for the state I'm in. One thing I won't do it take another prescription drug for the bone condition. I took Boniva for about 10 months and it nearly did me in. I then found a website that was set up for people to register negative side effects of the drug, and there were hundreds, most of them comparable to the side effects I experienced. I will never again take a new prescription drug without checking the web for reports of negative side effects. The doctors sure don't seem to be aware of them.

So today I'm going to enjoy the beautiful sunny Sacramento fall day, expected to get to the mid-70's. The 10 day forecast shows showers for next Sunday which is when I plan to leave for Arizona. I'll just have to take it easy and maybe drive 5 mph or so below the speed limit. It's difficult driving in anything but sunlight, but I'm intent on going no matter what. Just please don't let there be that low lying tule fog that the Central Valley is so prone to in the winter.


  1. Too bad about your bone scan but you have the right attitude and that helps. I did not realize how close you were to your departure date. When will you get your camper or did I miss it's arrival??? Take it slowly and have a good trip

  2. Since the drug companies put on all the continued education that medical doctors must attend, the learning is slanted in favor or the drug companies. Doctors have really become only pill pushers. They only treat symtoms, not the cause. They probably don't know the causes.

  3. Happy Birthday, it's only a number.
    I agree with Dizzy-Dick. I had a talk with our Dr last year and they get all kinds of kick backs for drugs. I refuse to take what is new. There's too many side effects and it's the problem that needs fixed not a pill to cover it up.

  4. You have the right idea, life is short -just enjoy the best you can.

    As for the bone drugs, I have heard nothing good about them. They suggested that Anneke take them with just a beginning of a problem. After research, it appears the cure is worse than the treatment in many cases.

    Enjoy the day!

  5. Ugh. I completely empathize with you on the bone scan results. These days, the maintainence schedule on my body rivals the maintainence on my old car. Fooey.

    On another note, I just came back from So. Arizona and boondocking in the desert. It was cccold! Windy and chilly though it had warm moments. One thing...we camped with a friend who had a Lance with a slide. Wow. What luxury! He had a dualie to carry it and that camper was all automatic including the slide and camper supports. You just can't get any nicer than a Lance!