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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A bit of shopping on Saturday

I picked up a few items for the camper today - small sizes of dishwashing and laundry liquid. I know I could have gotten cheap plastic bottles and poured it out myself, but it's so much easier and more convenient to have the small sizes. There will no doubt be quite a few items I will need to buy in Arizona, when I see exactly how much room I'll have to store them, as well as what is required and what I can do without.

I bought two pairs of fleece gloves at Target, and although they cost a couple more dollars than those from Walmart they are actually a bit longer and a better fit. I just wish they had more colors than the black and white ones I bought. I have a snazzy cranberry colored down vest on the way, so you will see me coming from afar.

In looking at Cabelas website (where I bought the vest) it looked like they had shipped the item but the tracking number indicated they couldn't track it as it hadn't been shipped. I wrote an email to the customer service at Cabelas last night, and today I received a very prompt and polite reply, notifying me that it shipped yesterday. I'm on a roll with good customer service lately!

If only companies realized how their service can affect their business, they would all try harder. I would have ordered from LLBean, but a live chat with their rep was so unsatisfactory I decided not to buy from them. I wanted to know the back length of the parka and the coat - the response was that the coat was 5-3/4" longer than the parka??? At that point I lost my connection. The rep emailed me and finally answered my question as to the country of manufacture, but it's too late for LLBean. Tomorrow I plan to go to the Folsom outlet mall and look for a parka, but I think I can stay warm in Arizona without one. (To be fair to LLBean, their reps on the phone have always been terrific. I guess it's different when typing information on a computer, and information can come across much differently than when you can actually hear the other's voice.)

I am so tired this evening and I still need to eat something, but I sure don't feel like cooking. This is why I can't gain weight. Maybe some soup and crackers, a bottle of beer, some Halloween candy, and I'm off to bed early tonight.


  1. That does not sound like a healthy meal!!!! Soup is OK though. Do you cook that yourself? I usually cook a large pot full and then freeze some in suitable portions for when I don't feel like making a meal. Fresh is better though but not always feasible. Have a good sleep.

  2. I think a bowl of soup washed down with a butterscotch milkshake would be more to my liking. Yes, it really depends on the the individuals personality on the other end of the phone when making service or tech calls. Would you believe Kelly had a Verizon techie kid on the phone Friday who had never heard of New Mexico. Kelly sometimes orders from Cabeella's & LL Bean. I sometimes just go directly to the Thrift Store:))

  3. I have never had a problem with Cabela's in the 10-15 years I have been doing with them. Carol

    When doing business with other companies, I use Cabela's record as a way to evaluate whether I want to do business. Carol