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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A little praise for Verizon

I wasn't going to write an entry this evening, but I had a good experience with Verizon wireless that I thought I would mention. I'm quick enough to complain about them, so I figure I'd better praise them as well.

Verizon recently replaced my phone and I thought everything was going well, but I began to get text messages again from the websites that I had downloaded ring tones from. I don't want any more ringtones and never even open the messages, but I have been charged for them at an extremely high rate.

I tried all sorts of things but couldn't figure out how to block all texts. I went to the website, but you need a phone number that you want to block, and the message senders aren't identified by a regular number - it is something like 4 digits, a dash, and then 2 more digits. I called Verizon and the customer service rep fixed it for me, blocking all text messaging incoming and outgoing. I asked if I would be charged for those 3 messages that I received this month, and she said she would reverse the charges - nearly $25 for 3 crummy messages!

I am so happy with Verizon right now and their customer service has been great! The MiFi continues to work flawlessly and at much higher and more uniform speeds than the air card.

I spent a big part of today doing laundry, as I haven't figured out yet what I will take to Arizona. I washed all my winter clothes that had been packed away, and my capilene long underwear is the first thing going into my suitcase! I've been wanting a down parka but can't seem to find one I like, so I ordered a down vest that I hope will be delivered before I leave. I'm dubious that a vest will keep me warm, but I guess if I have enough layers underneath it I'll be ok. Now I need gloves. Last year I bought 3 pairs of cheap fleece gloves, but right now I can only find one glove of a set and that is it. Earlier in the week I was wearing a matched pair when walking the dog early in the morning. Do they just walk off on their own? And now I can't find the kind I like in the local stores. It's no wonder I'm suffering from heartburn!


  1. We have had pretty good luck with Verizon tech help as well. First month we used it a couple years ago we blew the lid off the 5 Gig cap & didn't know why. Kelly phoned them & they gave us some good advice plus removed the penalty charge. We still have a bad habit of blowing through the limit, but..........

  2. I am hoping the part of Arizona that you are visiting with your fleece gloves, down coat and long underwear is not the same part I am visiting with my shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops....lol.

  3. Did I read somewhere that you wanted to know of cheap camping and COE places?
    I found a few that you might look at:



    Hope that helps, Happy Trails, Penny, TX.

  4. Glad to hear you had a good experience with Verizon service. We have had Verizon for years love the coverage, hate dealing with Verizon service folks. We now go to Best Buy for help, they always get the job done and I found out that with their contract with Verizon, somethings that Verizon charges for Best Buy does for free.

  5. Verizon have excellent customer service! I'm going to miss them when we switch to a Canadian cell phone company. They aren't known for their customer service up here.

  6. We will probably be in Arizona the end of the year and maybe a few days into next year. Don't know yet.

  7. Don't forget your knit cap! One winter night in Q, I dug out my ski cap to sleep in. I did look weird! But warm.
    I have Verizon, like it very much. If you have Verizon and I have Verizon you can call me without using any minuets.

  8. I've always been happy with Verizon. I don't text, and don't want to GET them so I just blocked all texts on my phone.