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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Feeling Blue

I don't know what it is but I'm feeling really down this morning. One gripe I have is the state of professional photography and portraiture. I know most readers absolutely love the newest, fastest, and best technology there is, and I don't want to get flamed, but I would take the old photography any day over what you get today. I'm talking about the professional stuff, not personal cameras. I like my digital camera well enough, primarily because my photos can be downloaded immediately, I can see what they look like, and email them or could print copies if I so desired. I know many bloggers who do a really professional job of photography, but I don't believe it is the occupation of most - more of a hobby. (And if you're making money on your hobby, then more power to you.)

My family and I had photographs taken on Monday, and by an excellent photographer I might add. I've seen the work of him and his wife with wedding photos, and they are fantastic. My gripe is that they take way too damn many shots, simply because they can. Why must I wade through 116 proofs to find 2 that I want. Or if I wanted 8, I still wouldn't need 116 choices. Just looking back on the slideshow from last Saturday, in which many of the photos were taken in a studio, I don't think there is any better quality today than there was then. My daughter even commented on my wedding photos, which were done in black and white, at how beautifully composed they were. She was amazed.

I think I'm p*ssed because my hair looked like crap, and I'm not exaggerating. My fault because I had it cut only last Friday, and wanted a cut I wouldn't have to blow dry. Well if I don't blow dry this cut I would look like a porcupine with very short quills. Hairdressers like to do a thing they call "texturizing" (back in my mom's day they called it "thinning"), which leaves you with lots of little tufts of hair sticking out all over. I'm trying to grow my hair out to a longer length and wanted to pull the sides back while it's growing out, but the hairdresser even texturized that part, so in the photos it is really sticking out on one side, and somehow the part across the front looks uneven. It's not uneven, just messed up, but do you think anyone would have noticed and have told me? The photographer's wife, maybe? I guess she was busy holding the Elmo doll to keep the kids looking at the camera.

This photography session was not about me, so I don't really care all that much. However, when someone is putting together a slideshow 50 years from now, one of the onlookers is going to remark on how my hair looks like crap. "Who is that old lady with her hair sticking out and uneven in the front?"

Yesterday being Jeannie's birthday, we went out for dinner at a fairly new Mexican restaurant.

The portions were so large I brought home enough to make my complete dinner for this evening. It was good, but everything is giving me indigestion lately. I've stopped drinking the protein shakes for a while as I think that amount of protein was overwhelming my body. I'm really between a rock and a hard place - the exercise is extremely good for me and my aging bones, but it's making me lose weight that I can't afford to lose. If I try to compensate by eating more, I just can't take it and have trouble with digestion. I'm down to 115# and wonder how much more I can lose until I decide to just quit. I don't quit easily though. I think I will just wait for the results of the bone scan, and see if the exercise is helping at all.


  1. I am very sorry to hear that you are feeling blue today. Your post gave me a chuckle though. I don't know if you intended that but you are keeping your sense of humor throughout your troubles I hope.
    Here I am trying to lose weight and you have trouble to put it on. Life is challenging at times.
    Maybe when you get your camper you will feel 100% better.

  2. The solution to your professional photography problem seems pretty simple to me. Put aside 100 of the 116 proofs, don't even look at them. Just choose the 2 you want from the remaining 16, this way it will just be like the older, better days for you!

  3. Will you post a photo of the family? I'd like to see your hair sticking out all over LOL!

    Seriously though, the photographer is taking all those photos to protect himself. Apparently for every 3 people you have to take 3 photos to be sure everyone has their eyes open, especially when there are little ones involved.

    I'm sure whichever you choose it will be a great one!

  4. I agree - just ignore most of the proofs and pick a couple that you like and it's over with. That's what we did with our son's high school grad pics. They were all great pictures but after awhile they all looked alike.

    Hope you're feeling better tonight. I have a very dear friend who can't gain weight either. She is so frustrated. And I struggle to lose a pound.

    My hair is really funky right at the moment because of the bald spot from running into the slide and being glued together. But this too shall pass.

  5. I understand how you feel, but I just love digital photography. I would not like to go back to the old prints.

    I think Rick's suggestion would be good for you. If you do not want to wade thru a lot of pictures, just decide among a few.

  6. Hey Mom, I think you looked great! And with 7 youngins all under 5 years old it was great to see all of the different expressions. Personally I was laughing so much at Alyssa's fish face that she was making that when we came upon the next photo we thought it was perfect and then noticed Joshua winking at the camera! Meg and I almost wet ourselves because he was so perfect in all of the photos except this one! And in all fairness I think Meg, Liam and I took up about 86 of the 116 photos... Thanks for making us take photos everytime we are all together! I know it's something that we have not always enjoyed over the years... I remember when we were teenagers and Joe and I insisted we were too tuff to smile, but thankfully Jeannie has kept every photo and it's great to go back and look at them as time goes by. If you want to cheer up just look at the Old Western picture we took in Colorado and it will be sure to clear your blues!
    love ya,

  7. I know how you feel! In my son's wedding photos - the bodice of my suit jacket was a bit too tight and was gaping open, and I was turned just right - so you could see right into my jacket. Why does no one tell us?????
    But, for hair sticking out a little, call the photographer and tell him you want you hair airbrushed - smooth it out - something. I think they can play with their programs and fix things. (Ask Rick.)

  8. Hey Gypsy, I have that same hair sticking out all over the place problem too & I'm a guy. It's why I have taken to wearing hats all the time now. I just simply cover up my mop mess.
    Sandra's right, the photographer is just covering his butt because with that many people plus kids, just a couple of shots isn't going to do it. Maybe take a tranquilizer or two before going through all the proofs:))
    To get down to your weight I would have to lose a hundred pounds. To feel like me just throw a hundred pound sack of potatos over your shoulder & then walk uphill. Not a good feeling I can assure you!!

  9. weight loss and indigestion? Please get check for ovarian cancer. Those are the 2 biggest syptoms.