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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More mundane things

Mike and boys got back home safely at 4:15, and made the long drive from the airport to their house. He called and told me they arrived. It feels strange without them here.

I went to the UC Davis Med Ctr this afternoon for a bone scan and a mammmogram. The bone scan took about 15 minutes, but I had to wait a bit on the mammogram since I arrived early for my appointment. I was in the inner waiting room, all gowned up, when a tech came out to tell me that since I am under Medicare they will only pay for 1 per year. My last one was Nov. 11 of 2009 - just 2 days short! They said they would re-schedule me but I declined saying that I was going to be traveling. Next November is quite good enough for me.

I stopped by Jeannie's afterward - she is taking the week off and today is her birthday, but after all the hectic pace of the past few days she was just taking it easy. They may go out for dinner this evening, and I may (or may not) go with them. After driving into town, dealing with a parking garage as well as a lot of traffic, I can feel my energy level declining. Also, it is cold outside and a bit rainy.

I want to thank each and everyone who wished me happiness on my birthday. I loved reading all the comments, and if I ever feel "down" I can go look at them again.

I will leave you with a "glamorous" shot of me in the slideshow! I sure wouldn't recognize myself if I didn't remember the picture.


  1. I love the pic. So glad you had such a wonderful birthday. They do become more precious as time goes on.

  2. Gypsy, you haven't changed that much, but don't you wish you had the energy that you had back then?

  3. Cute picture, I bet it feels just like yesterday!

  4. What a beautiful girl you were! Nice picture. I like the picture in your header too Gypsy. I see you are a campground host. Where are you now. My husband and I are at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park in Big Sur, California.

  5. Put the new hairdo on the old picture and it's you! You haven't changed. I hope to see you before you head south.