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Sunday, October 31, 2010


I'm ready for the trick or treaters who might knock on my door, but to tell the truth I hope I don't get many. I think the last time I gave treats away on Hallowe'en was when I lived in Ireland. My house in North Carolina was up too high a hill for the kids to be bothered climbing up for a measly candy bar!

I went to the farmer's market today and found that they may (or may not) be there next week. I think the one downtown is open year around, so we will go back to that one eventually. The produce is just too good to ever want to go back to a supermarket, even one with an organic section.

Then to Costco where I finally found replacement filters for the Brita pitcher. Now that I'm giving the dog filtered water as well, I will need to change the filter more often. The cost for 10 filters, about a year's supply is only $42, which amounts to approx 12 cents a day - much cheaper than bottled water, and much better for me and the environment.

I was so tired last night and even into this morning. I really feel the lack of doing my stretching exercises, so will get back to them starting this evening. I just needed a break for a day or so. I need to find a nice, not-too-large outdoor mat for setting outside the truck camper. Something large enough to lay down my exercise mat so I can continue my routine while I'm away from home.

I have just about everything I'm going to buy for the camper ahead of time, although I'm sure there will be little things I'll want to get once I'm in the camper and see how it fits my needs and wants. I'll go to Home Depot for a 1 gallon gas can (for the generator) and maybe I can find a suitable ground mat there. I hate to pay Camping World prices, although they do have some nice looking ones.

After being comfortably cool in the 60's the past week, the coming week will be comfortably warm in the mid 70's range. I think I will prefer comfortably cool, but I don't really get to choose, do I?

I was clicking to enlarge the photos I posted from the party yesterday, and saw one where Chili is in the background looking like a devil dog, with eyes glistening. I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of this very sweet Dobie that were taken a few months ago. I was getting ready to give her some treats, but of course with a Dobie it's best to set the treats in the palm of your hand. If you hold them up with your fingers, those teeth just can't get at them as well.

She is 11 years old, which is hard to believe when you see the energy level and the speed with which she can run. She is just a gorgeous, sweet animal!


  1. My Dobie was the sweetest puppy you could ever meet.

  2. I really enjoyed seeing all the trick or treaters braving the elements in Minnesota! I hope you get deluged! :)

  3. Jeri and Terry travel with a dobie - Duchess, who is the biggest sweetheart. But my little girls certainly showed her who was the alpha dog.

  4. No trick or treaters in our 'Adults Only' Park & that's always just fine with us. Nice looking Dobie. Comfortably cool works for me too.

  5. We had over a hundred kids at a Halloween event in a state park earlier this month. I have to admit it was fun watching them have a good time.

  6. No kids here, not even a Dobie. We love animals, but won't have one again as far as we are concerned. We can rub the ears of neighbor dogs going by, as they all seem to love that!

  7. Nice looking dog. We didn't get any trick or treaters here. Surprises me really, there are some kids in this park, but they just don't seem to go like they used to.

  8. Years ago I use to live on a property--in separate quarters--and house sit for the owners when they traveled which they did often. One of their dogs was a doberman...(Laura)was the sweetest dog. I'd feed the dogs and fish(Koi), water indoor plants. I really missed her when I moved on.