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Monday, November 8, 2010

More birthday fun

Yesterday (Sunday) we all met at Hoppy's brewery for brunch. They have very good food and the ambience is fun and friendly. The little kids were great for a while, then got tired of sitting while adults talked, so I took the two older boys and Autumn back to look through the big windows where the brewery operation is. They were fascinated by the big vats and all the hoses going from one to the other. There is a nice set up, up a few steps as with a stage, and some very comfortable chairs and coffee table. The kids just loved being up there, but also liked to run back once in a while to check on their parents. Of course I had to follow them back and forth, which sure sapped my energy.

We then drove to Steve's house which is nearby, and spent several hours enjoying each other's company, at least until the kids were starting to get out of hand. I was very tired and slept well last night, although I'm still not eating right.

Today (Monday) was picture taking day. It will be a tribute to the photographers if they get some good shots out of such a big group, and with wiggly kids the ages of ours. We ended up not being able to pose all the children with me at any one time, so I just suggested that the parents get into the picture as well.

Everything went beautifully when it was my four kids and my turn. We paid attention to directions and I was so proud of them - later I realized that the 3 boys - ranging from mid to late 30's - were teasing each other and trying to get them to laugh or move at the wrong time, and god only knows what! Some things never change, giving credence to the old saying "Boys will be boys". I didn't realize what they were up to until the session was just about over, which is a good thing.

Now I'm anxious to see the results, and I know I will love whatever and however the pictures turn out. We had lunch at Chipotle, and then I drove out to the Folsom Outlet Mall with Mike so he could pick up a few items at Brooks Brothers. Josh had fallen asleep so I just stayed in the car with him. I can't spend money if I stay out of the stores.

We went by Jeannie's so he could do some laundry before packing for the trip back, and I picked up my truck which had been sitting there since Saturday night. I had asked Donald to drive Lady and me home in my truck, and then drive it back to his house until I could get it later. It was sad saying goodbye to Mike and the boys, but I hope to see them in the spring.

Now tomorrow is Jeannie's birthday. We are all very nearly partied out, but who knows what Donald has planned for her. I have to spend a few hours at the Medical Center getting a bone scan and mammogram. My last bone scan was several years ago and showed accelerated bone loss, so I'm hoping there is evidence of some positive effects of the weight-lifting I've been doing. Maybe I don't lift enough, or haven't been doing it long enough, but I will find out soon enough. Right now I have the let down after several days of being with my kids and grandkids and loving every minute of it.

After I get this medical stuff out of the way I can then get serious about planning the details of my trip to Arizona. I am very anxious to get there and to make that Lance my own.

I would like to close with a poem written by my brother Steve, after Saturday's party. He really gets to the heart of it all.

My Sister's Birthday

We watch as toddlers
run squealing through the house,
laughter bounding through bright halls,
a knee-level storm of pure joy.

They punctuate our grown-up conversation
as the slide-show begins.

Now you’re the bright eyed infant!

Mom was so young and pretty
Holding you close
in her strong, gleaming arms,

as the cousins, delighted, cry
“Look! Grandma’s a baby!”

In wonder we watch
the years of youth and school
love and weddings
and bright new babies,

pause on the haunting eyes
of those gentle people
whom we’ve loved
then lost
to the good night.

As your party continues,
I see in the eyes
of four generations,
a century’s worth
of smiling for the camera
a cloud of love
transcending both years and death.

So don’t worry about your age, dear sister.
we never really grow old.


  1. What a marvelous tribute to a marvelous woman.

  2. I am so glad that you had such a good time with your fine family. You are blessed.

  3. Love it Gypsy. Thanks for sharing that with us.. You are a lucky lady!

  4. I'm too late to wish you Happy Birthday and anyway that's redundant now as you clearly had a wonderful day stretched out to the whole weekend. Beautiful memories for you all.

    Wasn't the cake amazing.

    I wish you the best year coming up and many Happy Returns of your Birthday.


    PS I think your beautiful even at 40! *giggle*

  5. That poem is just fantastic! I can feel the love and warmth from your family and how much they adore you!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. What wonderful words!!!!!! Let the celebration continue!