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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One doctor out of the way

I came away with a prescription for Prilosec to take for one month and then stop. I think it will work much better than the OTC stuff, which is really little better than nothing.

I am also going to try to get off HCTZ (hydrochlorothiazide) for blood pressure, but I will have to monitor my blood pressure every day for a month and write it down. If the pressure starts to go back up I will start the HCTZ again (and I might cut the dose to 1/4 of a 25mg tablet).

We had a long talk about osteoporosis and how to combat it without prescription drugs. She said I'm doing all the right things with the weight lifting and stretching, and we'll see how it goes. I don't get any sympathy or understanding when I say I want to gain weight though. It is every bit of a problem as for those who want to lose weight. There IS a happy medium, you know. I'll just have to work out my own diet plan. She did suggest a number of foods and snacks that might help, but they are all things I have researched on my own.

The GPS had a field day recalculating today. It gave different directions than the last time I visited the same doctor, but I followed them with no problems. Upon returning home, however, she insisted on getting me onto the Capital City Freeway, which I avoid at all costs because the traffic just crawls along day and night. I found my way to Folsom Blvd and from there I knew where I was going. She still tried to get me back to I-80, and then to Freeway 50, and I kept going my own way which caused her to call out in that panicky voice, "recalculating, recalculating!". I can't believe I can find so much amusement in playing with a fake person.

I switched my pharmacy of choice over to Costco. I've never used them for prescriptions, but the eye drops I am using (Muro 128 5%) is the same price as in other pharmacies, but the amount is twice as much. I'm hoping the Rx cost to me will be cheaper as well, although I have a fairly good plan and can't complain. The biggest trap is walking into Costco in the first place, because it is oh so much more than a pharmacy!

I've been thinking about the fact that one of the risks with loss of bone density is the chance of falling and breaking a hip or some other bone. I know if that ever happens to me it will be the dog that causes the fall. On our walks she will be trotting along and then stop dead in front of me, making it difficult to maintain my balance, or suddenly cross my path to sniff something on the other side. And it is a real problem to know where she is when I get up in a dark room and have to spot her before I trip over her. Because she spent so much of her time off leash in the mountains, and because I'm basically lazy, I never trained her to "heel". I'm a relaxed person and I've raised a relaxed dog, but I will pay the price someday. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, so the saying goes, and that probably applies to both of us.


  1. Yep, know what you mean by tripping over dogs alright. With 3of them here in the rig it's quite a chore sometimes. But, amazingly enough, we all seem to avoid tripping over each other most of the time. At other times it is quite a circus going on in here:)) I think I have only been in a Costgo store once & recall thinking how big it was.

  2. I stuck a bunch of "small glow in the dark stars" (that they sell for kid's bedrooms)...on our dog's collar. That way I don't trip over her at night en route to the bathroom! Inexpensive and effective.

  3. About a year after we went on the road I had to cut my blood pressure med in half. Love this being retired stuff. I don't let Jim go into Costco very often - we can't afford it. But I sure do like that place. Our Lucy (GPS) doesn't say recalculating but she keeps saying make a u-turn or turn here (usually into a field) until she finally gives up and realizes we're going to do it our way.

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  5. Sorry, got my fingers all twisted up on the keyboard again. So let me try it again. In our small motor-home, the floor is usually wall to wall dogs. You learn to shuffle instead of walk.

    At home we have 2500 sq. ft. on one floor. You would think that would be sufficient space for the dogs to spread out, but they still seam to be under-foot all the time. (don't tell anyone, but I like it that way).

  6. The bad news is with osteoporosis you dont have to FALL to break a bone, it just breaks all on its own, that happened to my Mom she was standing there one minute and on the ground the next the Ischial Tuberosity broke right at the neck, the bone became so brittle in that area. (the ball part of the ball n socket of the hip)
    We have 2 dogs who seem to try and get in the way as often as possible.