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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back to Buckeye

I was up very early this morning as we needed to go to Buckeye and be back in time for the honey wagon I'd signed up for. There is some construction on I-10 that really slows traffic, as it is reduced to one lane in each direction, so Dave found an alternate route that was virtually traffic free. It certainly was more scenic.

We arrived in Buckeye at 8:00 a.m. Walmart had my reading glasses and so far I think they are going to be a big help. I did some shopping at my "unfavorite" store, mainly in the RV and tools section. Those little items such as connectors, hoses, etc., can really rack up at the cash register, but I felt I might as well get everything all at once. I'm not sure what I did with some of the small stuff from my 5th wheel but I probably left a lot of it with the RV, or else tossed it, because at that point I was seriously considering a teardrop camper that would be fairly simple to hitch and tow.

I had ordered a rubber bed mat for the Ford and it came in a day early, so we picked it up in the same shopping center as Walmart. Dave put it in the truck as soon as we got back, so it is ready for the camper to be mounted. I hope that goes easily. The original owner of the truck had installed a drop in bed liner that I will probably get rid of eventually, but there is really nowhere to dispose of it here. I doubt if I could sell it because there are cut outs where the 5th wheel hitch rails are located.

We went to Buckeye early in the morning to be able to get back so that I could dump the waste tanks. It was fairly easy because the two guys on the truck told me the sequence of the whole process, and it didn't take long. I'm familiar enough with emptying of the waste and grey water tanks, but they are in a different location and the set up is slightly different than my 5th wheel. Now that I've done it I shouldn't have any problems at all, I hope.

Today was a little more comfortable - not so windy and while it was cold overnight and this morning, it warmed up to a bearable level. I think the next few days are going to be warmer. I'm getting acclimated except for the wind, which is extremely hard on aging skin.

I hope I can get some good pictures of the camper mounting process, and take something suitable for my header picture.


  1. I agree with the wind drying out the skin! I think the desert being dry has a lot to do with it. I know YOU ARE NOT THAT OLD! Now, I am older than dirt!

  2. We finally had a beautiful day here so I'm hoping you have one shortly. I can hardly wait to see the pictures of the truck and camper.

  3. How large are the holding tanks in a truck camper, and where are they located? Can't imagine that they're very large. :)

  4. We are all returning to Happy Camper status now that the temps are finally coming back up again. About time!! We've been to Crackle Barrel in Buckeye a couple times. I like Walmart as well because it is so convenient for getting everything in one location. Sounds like you will soon be good to go. Oh the anxiety & excitement of learning new things:))