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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The morning with Ara

Jeannie took the girls trick or treating over in Joe's neighborhood last night, and Ara spent the night there.  I think she and Joe raised a few toasts to her return!  I asked if she would like to go to Costco with me around noon, and Joe dropped her off on the way to taking his girls to school.  We spent the morning catching up on her trip back, her future hopes, art painting, and just about everything.  I later drove her back to Jeannie & Donald's and visited with them for a little while before coming home for a nap.  Jeanne is working from home for her 1st two days back.  She looks very tired from the trip and I'm so glad they made it safely.   They both remarked on how little traffic they encountered the entire trip!

I'm going to keep this post short.  I ate way too much at dinner - the mini crabcakes were delicious, and the cheddar biscuits the same.  I also had some veggies left over from last night that i threw on my plateI  I feel very content right now although I'd feel a little lighter if I hadn't eaten so much!


  1. Replies
    1. It was a happy day! Now tomorrow I need to get back to a routine of going to the gym. I've gotten so lax the past week.

  2. Mini crab cakes, YUM! So wonderful to have so much to chat about with your granddaughter. Sounds like a wonderful day. Glad they are back safely.

    1. I am so relieved they are back safely and had no major problems the whole trip. Jeannie showed me a short video clip she took of Old Fairful as it began to erupt! What a sight.

    2. That was definitely supposed to read "Old Faithful".