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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A crazy afternoon

Since Keira's birthday is tomorrow I decided to take her and Arianna out for ice cream this afternoon.  Ara drove to meet us at Baskin Robbins and brought Autumn along too.  Alyssa had soccer practice so she wasn't able to join us.

The younger girls are a bit more difficult to keep occupied than the older ones, and it was nice having Ara along to give me strength and courage.  Autumn is a real plus as well.  Actually, the younger ones were pretty well behaved, but I could tell when it was time to get moving.  I enjoyed my ice cream and wish I could go there at least once a week!

I'm not really hungry after having a large scoop of ice cream, but decided to heat up the 2nd meatloaf I still have in the fridge.  One or two slices of meatloaf along with a couple of the cheese biscuits should tide me over until morning.

I spent the morning painting, and need to go over a couple of things that need sprucing up.  I'm not too unhappy with my efforts so far.

I think I will go to bed early tonight (I got to bed early just about every night) and wish I could get up earlier in the morning.  I think the fact that the sun doesn't show up until at least 8 am has me reluctant to climb out of bed.  That, plus the fact that it is cold outside the warm covers!

Until tomorrow -


  1. I don't have any trouble getting up out of bed early but cold will definitely keep me snuggled under the covers. ice cream and meatloaf sounds about like the perfect meal to me.

    1. I couldn't fall asleep last night and I think it was the meatloaf - I don't do well with beef. I sure hated to get up to a chilly morning today!

  2. I have problems with digestion too. The vinegar water before a meal helps me and I also take digestive enzymes and probiotics. They help some. I love a good meatloaf but sometimes it doesn't love me.