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Friday, November 4, 2016

Blogger troubles

I have had so much trouble with Blogger, and when I thought I had it solved I did a test post, not thinking it would show up as well.  I've sent feedback to Google and they wrote and asked me a bunch of questions that are very difficult to answer.  When you are jumping through hoops to write a coherent blog, edit the errors in it, and publish it, you can't recall step by step what goes wrong.  Your whole damn Blogger program is wrong, Google!  

Thanks to everyone for their positive comments on my efforts to be Grandma Moses!  (Just kidding, I'm only trying to be myself and let out the hidden artist into the light of day.)  I have 5 out of 6 small canvases ready to hang and have bought tape strips to hang them.  But first I need to get on a little stepladder to wash that part of the wall where I want to hang them in case there is any oily residue from cooking.   I should be ok because I'll be leaning into the countertop/sink, so not much danger of falling.  I hate to even say that :~)

After walking at the gym this morning I made a quick trip to Michael's to buy gesso.  It is expensive and I think my tube of white paint would cover a lot of canvases for a lot less money.  I'm sure the gesso is better, but for now I'll just wing it.  I think that was the first time I ever left Michael's without buying anything.

After a short time of not going to the gym, my dentist mentioned how important it is for me to get exercise.  He really read me the riot act, in his usual kind way though.  He is right and I have just become lazy about going.  So this morning I drove over and remembered they are repaving the parking lot so much of it is roped off.  When I began walking on the treadmill, someone on a machine to the rear of me had a very squeaky machine.  Instead of going to one that didn't squeak they continued the entire half hour I was there!  It is a huge room, full of just about every kind of walking, running, and pedaling machine there is, and very few people using them; I'm sure he (or she) could have found a quieter one.

Today and tomorrow we are having sunny days that just top the 70 degree mark.  All the new green weeds glisten in the beautiful sunlight.  One of the residents a few streets over is having artificial turf laid in his side and back yards.  They started working on it yesterday and it looks like they are finishing up the side today.  I wonder what it would cost to have it done.  The large piece of artificial grass is not cheap, nor is the heavy black plastic that would need to be laid underneath it.  I need a lot of things done to my house and yard, but it looks like every spare dollar I can get my hands on will go for dental work.  No fair!


  1. You would think that someone that works at the gym would have asked him/her to move to another machine and unplug that one. It could very well be a dangerous if something broke and the user fell.

    Yes something always needs to be done on our homes and then something else gets in the way. Just can't win

    1. All my traveling the past few years put some home improvements on hold, and now the dental work will take precedence. I almost have to laugh, or I'd cry.

  2. Not sure how I'd feel about artificial turf in my yard. So many things in life are artifical these days.

    1. I never particularly liked artificial turf, but since I don't have enough of a yard to do anything in, I guess it would keep the maintenance down. Or maybe it has a maintenance requirement all its own.