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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Farmers market

After an absence of several weeks I made a quick trip to the farmers mkt this morning.  It took me all of about 15 minutes because I only visited one stall.  I usually have another vendor for potatos, but didn't need any today.

I brought it home and began washing the rainbow chard and kale, and tearing them into smaller pieces to put in ziplock bags for easy access.  I can't tell you how gorgeous the kale and chard is, but it is so pretty and so fresh that I wonder why I ever get that stuff in the grocery store, even in the organic section which isn't bad for a grocery chain.  In addition I bought some broccoli, zucchini, and celery, and that did it for today.

I had eaten a big breakfast of strawberries, blueberries, white grapes, chopped walnuts, and sliced banana, topped, of course, with a splash of whipped cream!   I didn't bother to try to figure out the calorie content, and as I would be perfectly happy with a dinner of veggies this evening, add just a few calories, and you can see why I don't gain weight.  For lunch I did make French toast, which I have always liked with salt and pepper.  I ate the first slice with those seasonings, and then got out the maple syrup for the second slice.  Even so, the calories in my lunch don't add up to much.

I might gain weight if I started eating out a lot at fast food restaurants, or if I cooked with packaged dinners such as Betty Crocker, but that's not how I like to eat and I just can't help it.  And looking further into the contents of Ensure, I've decided I'm going to return it to the Costco warehouse when it's delivered to me (so I will have to carry it after all!)  

I figured out that the supermoon is going to fall on my birthday evening, and I looked up the full moon for November 1940.  I think it was also a supermoon, but it was a full moon nonetheless and it fell just a few hours after I was born!   With that coincidence I might have something very good (or very bad) in store for me during this supermoon, or probably not.

I like to know what is happening in the skies and I believe in astrology up to a point - I'm certainly not a fanatic on it and never change my behavior to coincide with it.  I think I was most affected by what was in the skies when I lived in Ireland.  It was uncanny, to tell the truth - maybe the starshine didn't have to go through so much pollution to get to me.  In fact, that is the only time I remember actually seeing the Milky Way!   I was also affected by the gale-force winds which were common.  I would be an absolute ball of energy when the wind was strong.  Sure doesn't make me energetic these days!

I want to thank everyone who commented on the three small paintings I've hung in my kitchen - I have three more to go but need some gale-force winds to get me moving to hang them!    I feel like an absolute blob of putty right now and can't get up the motivation to do a thing.  This shouldn't last much longer and maybe I'll get back to a more normal state.


  1. Do you dry your kale and chard before you tear them up and put them in plastic bags. I find that if my greens are wet in plastic bags they rot much faster. Your breakfast sounds delicious! I don't ever get to see these wonderful moons. It seems the sky is always covered in clouds whenever they happen.

    1. I just rinse the greens in a colander and as I tear off smaller pieces I put them into the plastic bag. I want to get rid of any excess and standing water in the bag, and I have a lovely little ritual I go through. I hold the bag sideways and at arm's length. Then I twirl myself around as fast as I can go without falling! Do this 3 times and most of the water droplets come off the greens and collect in the bag - I just tip the bag to empty what I can and zip it up. I have never had it go bad, and have sometimes kept it over a week in the fridge (I uaually use it sooner). My little dance with the bag is fun and it works! If you try it be careful not to get dizzy.

  2. Nothing like fresh vegetables. I like your dance ritual...you should have the kids make a video. I buy the big bags of organic kale, chard and spinach because I am lazy but I know I could get them cheaper and make my own with the produce I buy when I go to Mexico.

    Pizza and beer once in a while could help add some pounds :)

    1. If you go to Mexico often enough it might be worth it to buy there. There is something about buying directly from the person who grows it.

      About your comment on Ensure, maybe your Mom shouldn't be drinking it. After the comments I got on it I looked at the ingredients and decided I'm not going to touch the stuff! I'll have to figure out where to pick up the extra calories though.

  3. Gypsy..I lost 30 lbs in 18 months from Valley Fever and Scleroderma. I was failing in preparing a variety of meals so I bought preservative-free Stouffer and Lean Cuisine dinners. I eat one for lunch every day and eat a regular, balanced dinner every evening. I have gained back 8 lbs so far. The variety for the Stouffer and Lean Cuisine dinners is good. Just an idea.

    1. First of all I want to say how bad I feel for you having had both those illnesses, and for losing so much weight. I will take a look at the Stouffer's meals, and check out the variety offered as well as calorie content. It sounds like a good way to gain weight, although I would probably eat it at my evening meal. That's when I just don't feel like cooking anymore for the day. Sometimes I will make a big meal at noon, but then I invariably skip supper when I do.

      Are you going to try to gain the entire 30# back? I hope you're feeling much better, and thanks again for the tip.