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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Short Sunday Post

Although  I often try to keep my posts short, most readers of this blog realize I have a hard time knowing when to "shut up"!  I love words and never tire of writing them, speaking them, and reading them.  But I'm determined to make this a short one.

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and especially to those who comment.  I love reading your comments, and am very humbled by your reactions to my efforts.  You make blogging (and painting) worthwhile.

I made a quick trip to Michael's after my stint at the gym, and bought a bottle of gesso.  I've covered several blank canvasses with it, and I hope to see a difference when painting on the primed canvas.  I've read contradictory web sites with one saying one coat is sufficient, while another recommends at least two coats.  It's kind of a boring job so I'll just go with one coat!  I've done two new 8-1/2 x 12's, and three 5 x 7's.  I've also covered one of each size that had already been painted on but were too unsatisfactory to keep.  

Actually, the smaller canvas was put to good use after I decided I couldn't salvage the painting.  I've used all the blank spaces to try out various brush strokes, colors of paint being mixed, etc.  The time had come though where I had no blank canvas left.  I used the gesso on both canvases and will have to do a second coat to adequately cover up what was painted over.

I want to paint the house in Ireland that I lived in during the years 2000 to when I returned in April of 2004.  I had planned to stay a few more years, but 9/11 changed everything and I felt the need to be back in my own country.  I've found several photos of the house but not the exact one I'm looking for; if and when I find it I will post it on the blog so you can see what I'm working on, "before" and "after".

Have a good week ahead.


  1. I'll be very interested in seeing your house in Ireland. That sounds so wonderful to have been there for several years. I think you might be glad you were not here for 9/11.

    1. I lived a very rural life there, where people are welcoming and friendly. They also want to know all your business :-) I loved it but was never sorry I came back.

  2. Oh to paint the Ireland house sounds like a winner!
    You will always love looking at it as you know it so well.
    I love pictures and paintings of houses. What fun!

    1. I haven't tried one before, so I hope I can do a decent job of it. I'm not trying for a photographic match, at least!