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Thursday, October 21, 2010

iPod Nano; lost dog; 2nd post Thurs. 10/21

I have mentioned wanting an iPod Nano on a number of occasions, so this morning I decided to go to Costco and buy it. I picked up the card that you take to the cashier to pay for and get the item, and walked around the store for a while. Just before reaching check-out I stopped to read the card and realized I wasn't buying the iPod Nano I thought I was. The new generation is square, about the size of a large postage stamp. I set things down all the time and can't find them - eyeglasses, cell phone, keys, etc., and this tiny little gadget would be too easy for me to misplace. It's a shame because I liked the idea of the pedometer, which was one of its features.

I then went to Target but they also have discontinued the "old" model. I guess the young kids are demanding tiny, tiny, tiny! By the way, Target is charging $40 MORE than Costco. I came home, went online, and found what I want at the Apple store. It is refurbished and costs $40 less than what I was thinking I'd have to pay at Costco. I love saving money! I ordered it in the color Yellow reasoning that at least if I lose it, it will be easier to spot.

Since the weather is much cooler today I took Lady along for the ride to Costco/Target. When we got back I shut the gate (actually I slammed it because a small car was parked in my reserved spot, which is about the only spot I can fit the big truck into). It obviously didn't catch because when I went out to move my truck after the usurper finally left, the gate was wide open and no dog. I had the front door open so she could stay on the patio and come in when she wanted to.

I got her leash and started looking for her, walking up to the little area we go to twice a day, but there was no sign of her. I was walking back and at the apartment complex next to mine a man came along and asked if I was looking for a dog. I replied yes, and he said "a mangy looking shepherd?" Now I've posted a picture or two of her on my blog, and I ask you, does she really look all that mangy? Anyway, I started toward where he had seen her and called her name, and she appeared around a corner.

I didn't lose my temper and yell at her - she was only doing what would be natural for a dog to do when the gate is left open. I sometimes leave it open when I just go out to put something into my truck or to retrieve it, and she doesn't leave the enclosed area. I guess she was just giddy with the thought of freedom, and I'll be sure to check the gate every time from now on. I was a little worried because her tag is from North Carolina and I've never replaced it.


  1. I am sure glad you found Lady. I cannot imagine the heartache you would go through if she was lost. I would like to have the touch iPod but since we don't travel it would be a bit of a waste even though it would be great to own.

  2. Mangy??!!?? She definitely is not mangy looking. How dare him. But I'm so glad you found her. Scooter got away from us once and I nearly had a heart attack until we found her.

  3. I am sure happy you found Lady, I would be in a state of panic if Koko got away from me. Lady is defintely not mangy, I thought she was a beautful and very well manner dog when I met her.

  4. What the heck is a iPod Nano? Emma got loose while my son was visiting last weekend. I was shocked he got her back so quickly. Lost dogs are like lost kids...they give us heart failure! :)

  5. Looking forward to hearing about your nano..I have been looking. I have absolutely no idea how to use one or download music on it, lol....guess its about time I learn.

  6. We have 2 'indoor' cats for Mum. One is like houdini. I've given up on the heart attacks but it's a constant worry when she's not in sight. Glad Lady didn't go far.

    As for technology. ... BTW I wasn't going to comment today as I'm supposed to be busy with housework.

    Anyway .. I press buttons, any button will do if I can't get the first one to work. I need buttons that are at least as big as my thumbnail. I need marks and symbols that don't wear off and are 100% clear in the dark. I want music while I walk but I don't think I know what the player thing is called .... I need to learn more about making better use of functions on Blogger and my laptop .... it's all turning into OVERLOAD.

    I want stuff that I can buy today and won't be outdated and obsolete before I die in say 25 years time. We still remember when the same washing machine, fridge, electic stove was intended to last out the family and just one upgrade sometime before retirement would see us through.

    How times have changed.

    Don't think about it or you really will feel old. Just remember we can still walk in the woods and have fun. and fun rhymes with young

  7. I love my ipod nano (5th generation) which I got a couple of months ago. There's so much about it that I haven't learned yet, but I can at least load the things I want on it & listen to them. Like you, I can't imagine why anyone would want the tiny new one! So glad you found Lady.

  8. OHhh so glad you found the UN-mangy Lady! Next time you see a Petco, you can stop in and get a tag made up right as you wait. You might think to put on your cell phone number, as that would be the most common one to have if you are traveling too.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  9. Not really sure if I understand all the iPod stuff. I love my stereo music here at home & while driving but it has never interested me to listen to music while out walking. Am I missing something here??
    You did the right thing by not scolding Lady when you found her. So many people make the mistake at showing anger with their pets in a case like that & the pet associates the anger with them being out making it harder to find your pet next time. Definately agree with you on the 'Tiny,Tiny,Tiny mentality. Always annoys me when logic is thrown aside for 'fads' & what is 'coooooool' with the kids!!!

  10. Sure glad you found Lady. On top of everything you have been through with your eyes, it would have been a terrible blow to not find. I feel the same about the new tiny, tiny items on the market. Don't they realize it is us old people that spend the most money... Usually on our grand kids, but who cares, they should be a little more consinderate. Stay safe.

  11. Thank goodness you found her. That's happened to me, too, and I know how awful you feel until you find her. Katie is like your dog, once in a while she'll go out an open door, but not usually.
    I used to have a dog that was a "runner" and always ran out any open door. Used to visit our neighbors up and down the street until I found her. Maybe she was a Gypsy Dog!
    Good job on the iPod Nano. I like finding bargains too.