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Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday rolls around again

Life seems to be in fast forward most of the time now, except when it comes to waiting for something, like a truck camper, or delivery of a printer. Speaking of the printer, I mentioned that it cost me $49.95, AFTER a $50 reduction, so it would normally be just under $100. I'm happy with the price, and pretty certain I'll be happy with the equipment.

Today is an exercise day and then I'm "off for the weekend". I feel muscles I was never aware of, but I'm keeping up with it all. The stretch routine is fun, but I think that is where all my achy muscles are coming from.

I'm stocked up with library books, most written by the woman who wrote "The Hidden Life of Dogs". As an anthropologist she has spent years observing all kinds of animals in the wild and it is really interesting to see the links to our domesticated animals. I started reading "The Tribe of Tiger" but doubt I'll finish it. I'm just more fascinated by wolves and wolf behavior than with lions or tigers, and dogs way more than cats.

I go back and forth between my old reading glasses, and the nearly useless ones I recently had made. I must have dropped the old ones in the parking lot a few days ago when getting out of my truck and didn't find them until the next evening, kind of bent. I wore them anyway and it was not comfortable at all, so I stopped by Walmart's optical department today and had them straightened out. The tech didn't take long to do it and didn't charge me anything.

Thankfully a cooling trend will arrive on Sunday and we'll have some consecutive days in the 70's. I wouldn't mind 60's at all.

I took a nice long nap this afternoon - my sore muscles needed it. I usually lie on the couch during the day but this time I fell asleep on top of my down comforter on the bed. Ahhh, heavenly.


  1. I got my dumbbells out of the drawer and laid them on the couch. That counts as starting a weight program doesn't it? :) Maybe in a day or two I'll actually lift one for a few reps. One can always hope.

  2. I have always found exercising for the sake of exercising difficult. Requires a lot of discipline for sure. Never cared much for exercising in a room with a bunch of people yet I lack the interest to do it on my own. Did manage to stick with a Tai Chi class for a couple years though. I would highly recommend Daoist Tai Chi for older folks. Superb mind & body exercise.