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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back in business

Thanks to all those who wished me well, and I'm happy to say I feel a whole lot better today. It was my own fault. I have never been a big eater, preferring small meals and small portions. Now I'm trying to put on weight while doing a tremendous-for-me amount of exercise, and this resulted in an overload on my system. I had a terrible gallbladder attack (which the doctors insist on calling acid reflux), and I took a handful of Prevacid and went back to bed to suffer it out. The Prevacid is OTC, which is only a fraction of the prescription strength, and I spaced them out over a few hours, so didn't worry about overdosing.

I felt better by yesterday evening, and now after a good night's sleep, I'm ok although still wary. I have to eat, but wish I didn't.

First thing yesterday morning, before I started feeling bad, I made my absolute last trip to Walmart. I found about half the items on my list, the unimportant half, and at the checkout asked for $100 cash back. The cashier gave me a $100 bill and said I should go to their "money center" for smaller bills. I was the 4th person in line at the money center, and didn't get to the counter for 10 minutes. The teller couldn't believe that I was sent to her to get what the cashier should have given me, and that I had to wait in line all that time. A lot of good it did me by that time.

Thanks to Karen-in-the-woods for her recommendations on a set of very small speakers for my iPod (which I haven't even unwrapped yet). I ordered them from Amazon and they are on the way to me. I need to sit down and figure the iPod out, but will wait until the mood hits me, otherwise I'll just be frustrated with it. It was nice back in the day when you went to a store, bought a product, brought it home, and turned it on. Long gone, those days. Now things must be installed, programmed, password protected, and other steps before you even know if you like the darn thing (or even if it works at all and you have to send it back for a replacement). Does this make me anti-technology? I don't think so, just pro-simplicity and customer satisfaction. And for those of you who find satisfaction is doing all the stuff yourself, I say "more power to ya".

Depending on weather and other possible circumstances, I should be leaving for Arizona in about 3-1/2 weeks. Next week I plan to start getting together the things I will need to take with me, and I'm already crossing items off the list because of space limitations. I need to get right down to absolute necessities (clothing, generator, cooler for whatever I eat/drink on the way, computer, dog food, et.) and what I don't carry with me I can buy while I'm there.

For example, I have planned on using disposable plates due to smaller fresh water and holding tanks, but if my truck is packed to the ceiling I'll just have to buy some in AZ. I don't know why I feel like I have to have everything with me, but reality is sure to set in when I start loading up all that stuff. Whatever I carry has to either be stowed inside the truck cab overnight, or carried into the motel with me.

I'm starting to get excited, but not nearly at the fever pitch I'll hit in another week or two.


  1. I usually decide whether I like something before I buy it, not after. It sure saves a lot of frustration and hassles for me.


  2. Wouldn't it be nice if someone in the shop of purchase went through all the steps to get these gizmos running to your satisfaction before you left the premises.

    In future whatever electronic cleverness we purchase I'll probably take our youngest son. There's just so much a single body, read aging brain, can handle.

    I used to think about my grandmother who was born before motor cars and lived to see jet planes.

    Our generation has gone from mechanical to electronic wizardry and the technical stuff is a whole different language.

    We live in a wonderful world full of complexity. I'm glad we can still find simplicity anywhere.

    *Smiles* Am I excited for you! 3 weeks will go so fast.

  3. Are you giving up your apartment? Is this just a short trip to AZ and then back to CA or are you going east to see the rest of the family?

  4. Glad you are feeling better. I am with you on the Wal*Mart thing. I don't know why I keep going when they piss me off every time I go in there.

    I am actually getting excited for you. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I know what gall bladder attacks are like...bad, bad, bad. Glad you are feeling better. As to my gall bladder...it be gone! And I don't miss it one little bit...LOL! Good luck with the packing.

  6. Pro Simplicity eh......hey, I like that:)) Good thinking. Glad to hear you are back on top of things. Your three & a half weeks will go fast. Isn't it great to have some travel plans to look forward too again. Hi Yo Silver Awaaaaaaayyyy:))

  7. I could on and on about Wal-Mart but I'll just say that I never shop there. I have an IPOD and I like it. I had to go online to get directions and I hate to admit it but it took awhile for me to learn how to use it. I love having it when I fly. I got a Bose docking station for it and when I get on the road it'll fit nicely in my RV.

  8. BTW AZ, be sure your dog has had her shots, Quartzsite and some other areas are having a distemper problem.

  9. Just catching up on reading Blogs....sorry to hear you've been feeling bad! Gallbladder attacks are bad...I know. Finally had to have mine taken out...whew...and it was a relief. Even did alway with the nagging backache I was having. GERD is bad news too. My doctor has me on Prilosec. Constant GERD can be hard on you esophagus (erode it. So happy to hear you are getting back on the road. Have fun...drive safe.