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Friday, October 29, 2010

Setting up the iPod

I tried last night to set the thing up, and even downloaded instructions found on the web. As could be expected, the computer screens I was supposed to see were showing nowhere on my Mac; I was instructed to register the product, but found nothing to give me a clue how to register it, and to download iTunes to the iPod. There again, no further instruction. I went through every clickable item on my Mac's iTunes but found nothing to allow me to download it to the iPod.

I decided to quit for the evening as I was too tired to go any further. Then I could not turn the thing off, and frustration was mounting. I heard the couple from upstairs talking out on their steps, so I went out and asked if one of them could turn it off for me! I'll get back to it soon, but just don't feel like dealing with it yet. I know I am going to like it though - once I can get it properly installed and running. I spent a big part of yesterday creating the playlists I want on it.

The Roadrunner has an informative link on her blog this evening: http://rvingquartzsite.com/?p=397

I thought I would post it as well, as it is an alert to folks who will soon be going to Quartzsite with their pets. Evidently there is a big problem this year with canine distemper, so it's important to make sure vaccinations are current. The Park I am going to is about 40 miles from Q, so I would think it would be vulnerable as well. In fact, anyone traveling to the southwest this winter would be wise to double check their pets' shot records. Thank you Theresa (Roadrunner) for this information.

I recently read a book about the high incidence of cancer in pets, and it was interesting to me because I seem to know so many folks whose dogs have died of cancer over the past few years, and it seems the number of pets with tumors is increasing. The book goes into many possible causes, including chemicals in the water, and vaccinations. I have started filling Lady's water bowl from the Brita pitcher rather than the tap so as to avoid some of the worst chemicals. I had just about decided to stop all vaccinations except those required by law (mainly rabies), but with the possibility of coming into contact with distemper, I'm going to bring her up to date with that one also. I don't like the way they lump so many vaccinations into one shot, and cover up to 3 years with it. I wonder if that just isn't too much for some dogs' system to handle.

Tomorrow my youngest granddaughter turns one year old, and of course there is a birthday party to go to. I'm looking forward to donning my party hat and celebrating! Actually I think most folks are going to wear Halloween costumes but I'm not doing that. I might stop someplace on the way to see if I can find a cheap witch's hat, but that's as far as I'll go.


  1. Wicked witch from the west, or good witch from the east? :)

  2. When we were in Florida last year they were having an outbreak of canine flu, so both of our girls got flu vacinations while we were there. They are current on distemper so we should be good.

  3. Good luck with that iPod! From what source do you get your music?

  4. Other than rabies we do not haul our guys in for all those 'Vet special' multiple shots for this that & the other thing. There are a lot of Vets in it for the money now-a-days instead of the primary care of the animals themselves. Our moral & ethical society sure has gone down hill since the 50's.

  5. Hope you get your ipod up and running soon. I don't think you will have any problem finding a witch's hat. I must have seen a million of them in the stores today.

  6. Gypsy, I have an iMac and have found it to be very intuitive. In fact most of the time it does everything in the background which continues to amaze me. I had to laugh though because I had the same issue as you did turning off my iPod when I first got it. Hang it there...I love your spirit of adventure.

    Donna, FL